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  1. Thanks, I knew it would take someone smarter than me to figure it out.
  2. There is an entirely different thread regarding what happened a week or so after i received what i thought was a new pair of skates. I saw that someone posted a reply to this one though. I did think it was original and funny. Maybe a Mod could combine them for clarity.
  3. LOL. Pretty much sums it up. I guess True now has the skates I sent back, which I thought were the replacements for the skates I sent for repair. I wish I would have known the skates I sent in for repair were in Finland. I asked for tracking info, but was told they would let me know when they appear. I likely would not have sent them back so quickly if I would have known all of this. They did offer to replace the steel for the mix up. We will see what happens next.
  4. I like your thinking. I actually asked that since they now offer skates in stock sizing if they would help me with the price on a pair of those since my skates may or may not be across the ocean. I didn't get a response. I guess at the end of the day, I am just someone that paid $140.00 to have used skates repaired.
  5. I know but I feel bad for the person that expected their skates and received mine.Its certainly not this poor persons fault. I just can't do that to someone.
  6. Update: I just heard from Kory at True. They think my skates are in Finland.
  7. The sole purpose of the post was because the previous post raved about them replacing skates when I returned a pair for a repair that I bought used. It was not meant to slam True in any way, I just needed to update the status. And no they never offered a free repair, nor did i ask, we agreeed upon a price which i thought was fair, and I paid the invoice for the repair and shipping.
  8. A week ago, i posted a great customer service story about my dealing with True / VH customer service. In case you didn't read the story, I had purchased a pair of used 1 pc. goalie skates on sideline swap, and unfortunately they had carbon damage that wasn't disclosed. I contacted True about paying for a repair, and they accepted the return for repair. I sent the skates to True, paid the repair invoice, and was shocked to find a new pair of skates returned to me. I was shocked, and even emailed Kory at True who i had been in contact with the entire time, thanking him for replacing the skates, and never heard back. Today I received an unfortunate email. They sent me somebody else's skates, and sent my skates elsewhere. They of course want these back and sent a Fed Ex tag for an immidiate return, and i was told once they get mine back they will get them to me. This does not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, not knowing where my skates are, and not to mention that i paid to have these new skates which i thought was a replacement sharpened and baked, and even wore them twice. I just figured I should follow up on what i thought was amazing customer service.
  9. When i had these sharpened, I told the manager at Peranis the story, and he said the customer service has gotten a lot better recently. I am not sure how things were in the past, but considering i bought theses used, they really stepped up. I emailed Kory at True and thanked him, and thought maybe he might say why they chose to replace them, but he didn’t.
  10. I just checked the bar code tag under the footbed. They were made in May so i am not sure. Either way, it is fantastic customer service.I felt i could not let this story go untold.
  11. I thought i would share a story about my experience with True. First of all, I had always wanted to try their skates. I just never got around to doing a scan, or a trace of my foot. I recently found a used pair online in Sideline Swap that were my size. When they arrived unfortunately the condition of the 1 piece carbon holder was not good on both skates which was not expected. I was disappointed, but that happens buying used gear online sometimes i guess. I contacted Kory at true, and he asked me to send pictures, and quoted me what i thought was a fair price to repair the skates. He sent me a pre paid label for 2 days shipping and said the repair would take 4-5 working days. I hadn’t heard anything from them but noticed a Fed ex tag on my door this evening. I went to pick the package up at the local Fed ex, i was worried with the quick turnaround there was nothing they could do, inside was a brand new pair of skates. I am shocked and speechless. Needless to say, this is a story that needed to be heard. Edit: I started a new thread regarding what happened a week or so after these skates were delivered.needless to say, the feel good story has a bad ending.
  12. Md30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Agreed, I am not sure i like neon green anywhere.