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  1. Onward and upward Doug! Start climbing!!!
  2. Yeah, I think you are right there....
  3. OK - I think you guys misunderstood - the idea of this thread was actually for me to talk about myself - don't really care about anyone else. (OK JK - love to hear about where people are coming from and how/why they took up the position!)
  4. In the past six months I have witnessed three specific examples of fragility of heath, with and without the "benefit" of age. I try to think of that on a regular basis, but especially when I step on the ice. Wishing you the best possible outcome in the coming days. Please stay in touch with me one way or the other, A
  5. Thank God there's only first-world problems on this site...
  6. My style of playing ensures I don't get hit very much anywhere dammit
  7. In those first three goals, I think the only thing you could do is go to the "Rent-A-Defenseman" shop and pick up a couple... 3:42 – that goal was just idiotic. Multiple passes on a 3:0 and the only person on your team that skated back with any kind of conviction didn’t know what to do 4:16: 2:0 which could have easily turned into another 3:0 4:26: I bet you were thinking the same thing I was as I watched – that he couldn’t make the x-crease cut as your D was rushing him from the centre, but nope – he made it. It may sound weird, but in these types of games I find it I play the puck carrier as if there is no D (especially when there is) it seems to help as I play the puck carrier for all the things he could do, not what options he has based on the D actually being effective. Again, difficult to explain... In general it appeared your team had transition issues, mainly transitioning back into your zone.
  8. That’s where you are sooo wrong. I think you probably pissed them off the most – in your own special way. Just look at the look on #61’s face in the replay at about 1:29 – makes me happy just to see that Wow, dirty and dangerous at 4:16 Congrats on the win!
  9. Congrats on the shutout - you deserved it if only for the stick save! Too bad you couldn't get the rest of the game - definitely looking forward to the next game. Good luck!
  10. So there's literally a lifetime of difference between us
  11. At less than 5 months to 60, all I can say is - don't tempt me In other news,I've already mastered inverting my goalie sticks to use them as crutches
  12. @bigeasygator - great pics - nice to get the pics on a regular basis In the third pic, looks like your D man (#18 or 19) got his pants from "blue light special" at the local dumpster company
  13. First, congrats on the shutout - overall I thought you looked good, and... I think a big part of the reason the second period was "ho-hum" as you put it was because of your rebound control. Per your desire to work in it, you did a good job of re-directing a lot of the initial shots to the side or corner while at other times didn't give a rebound at all. I think I saw one rebound that wasn't well controlled in the video, and we all get those - sometimes we're just happy to make the initial save Keep analyzing your videos, pick out what you want to work on and you'll be posting a lot more low GA games or shutouts! I'll be watching for more - do you have spring or summer hockey in the works?
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