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Internal belt mod

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Hi everyone,

For those of you wearing pants that have an internal belt, can you please share some pictures of it? In particular, the attachment points in the front as well as the back. I've got some HPG12A pants that are having a hard time staying up on me, even with suspenders. I'm looking to modify them to add a bit more support so it doesn't look like I've dropped a load every time I play.


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Why don't the suspenders do their work? 

I have the same pants and they are literally barrel like and I have to crank the only belt to keep them slim enough. Suspenders required to keep them up and I have the back clip on them high up close to my neck and also I run them crossed in front. No problems that way. 

Doesn't really take out the massive appearance but hey, design of those pants is from the era of covering as much of net as possible and rules allowed a lot.

Do you tuck your C/A? That might also be a reason here. I don't tuck so the C/A doesn't push my pants down.

And a final question that came to my mind, is it only the "looks" that you are thinking or do the pants hinder your movements with not staying up?

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I've got the suspenders cinched up - Steve Urkel himself would be proud. I tuck my C/A and go with suspenders over the top. Generally it's ok, but this is more of a 'comfort' fit for me. Granted the pants are old and broken down, so they don't hold the barrel form as they used to. I definitely find myself 'pulling up my pants' multiple times throughout the game.

New pants would be the immediate fix, but I sure do love these pants. Thought putting an internal belt in might be a cheaper compromise.

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A suggestion, instead of an internal belt mod you could use. Have you thought of adding a "fight strap" to the back of your chesty and attaching it to the back of the pants? I use a buckle, one end is sewn into the backplate of the chesty and the other end is looped through the suspender slot - the chesty holds the pants up in the back. Then with the front strap through the front of the chesty loop its held up on both sides and moves with me.

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Hope this captures it - the internal belt on my Warriors velcroes to the "butt pad" on the middle of my pants, and then runs a nylon strap with a triglide through a loop in the middle of the hip part of the pants (both sides). The front flap of the pants has two nylon straps in either direction  that connects to the triglide and is what you would pull on to tension it.

I don't use it (prefer suspenders) but it's pretty effective and holds up.





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