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Infinity goalie set review


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Infinity goalie set review


 I have had the opportunity to demo Infinity goalie’s pads and gloves earlier this summer. I was supposed to be accompanied by my younger brother who was also to be on the ice and test the sticks but a last-minute bribe to the batting cage beet my offer.

Please note that these pictures have been taken from a screenshot of my gopro that was sitting outside of the rink glass.



I have only used 2 blockers in my whole 12 years playing goalie (demos excluded), them being an intermediate Vaughn XP and a Sr Bauer one60.  I used the blocker with the binding and found it in a similar shape to my brothers jr rbk blocker. But also found it a bit cumbersome due to how stiff the sidewall was, this may be due to how flimsy and old my one60 side wall is now. It also appeared to be thicker than my one60 blocker as well but couldn’t compare both side by side.

I found the finger protection great! Though about 45 min with about 25 of them I didn’t have any rolling pucks up the paddle of my stick. I was able to deflect pucks into the corners with ease. I don’t know what to say about the cuff, it was standard? Again, I have only been in two blockers in a span of 12 years.          


Again, I have been in a limited number of catchers in 12 years, them being an intermediate Vaughn XP, SR Bauer one60 and an SR Bauer one90. I was able to use both the single and two-piece cuff catchers. They were black holes! I was told that their manufacturer only does 60 degree breaks due to it being a “gimmick “. For its ill be mainly be talking about the two-piece cuff as it was already broken. The one piece felt good but just needed a bit more time to break in before closing correctly.

 Wrist mobility I found better than my one90, the cuff I found similar shape to Vaughn catchers. But due to my stance I don’t fully present my full glove to the shooter. The break in the cuff felt great for mobility wise when covering the puck or playing the puck. The two-piece catcher came with a single-T, a bit hesitant to use due to being in a double-T for a while but felt great catching pucks. the strapping inside the glove was standard, nylon strap at the wrist, Velcro adjustments at the back of the hand and fingers and pinky/thumb loops.




I have demoed the stiff pad 34+? (flat faced and forgot the thigh rise, I think +1) and they preformed amazing! Shockingly light in comparison to my one60’s and NXG’s. all the strapping was Velcro and able to get a nice tight strapping setup. They do not come with thigh wrap tabs but could be done as requested. The strapping is as follows.

-1 elastic knee block strap (under the knee cushion) only attachment is on the outer calf wing below the knee.

- 1 nylon webbing w/ quick release buckle in the knee block only attachment is below the knee

-1 elastic mid calf attached from the calf sliding surface to outside of leg channel via rectangle loop (this strap Velcro’s on to itself which brings a potential wear area)

-HAL like toe tie


The pad was oddly soft, not as stiff as my NXG’s but still bounced rebounds off them well.  Another shock was how soft the foams were in the calf wrap, this made the pad conform to my legs rather than hold them. The sliding surface of the pad was flat and still slid well on the choppy ice I was on.

The only problematic part of the demo was the pads. I felt that all the problems I had can be fixed with custom strapping or mods. Currently in Bauer NXG 35+2, I have to say the pads are too big for me and comfortable in my old pad size of one60 34+1. Now I believe the thigh rises were +1, but its been a busy summer and forgot the stock sizing. The boot was flat relative to the shin of the pad. I like my boot to sit right on top of my foot in the boot channel with just enough toe tie slack to go over my toe and boot strapped cinched to the heel of my skates. The lack of the boot strap on the pads made my leg slide down the leg channel when butterflying and missing the knee landing. I then later tried on the smaller 33” pads and the same problem occurred but less often. When the problem did occur the pad over rotated.





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