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  1. All done! I hope. @bunnyman666 I should have ran the glass further up the shaft, but do you approve?
  2. Has anyone tried or made a 1/4" rubatex as a chin sling (i would also back it with pad skins or jenpro)? I have a 1/2" peice that I still have to put together for my one of my HM30 slings.
  3. Odd question that crossed my mind will adhesive work? I have weild-on 45 and Lord 403/19 at work and curious if it might work? Thanks. looks like I'm going to have a messy/fun weekend at the shop!
  4. I was thinking about putting a layer of fiberglass on again but remembered that it was a pain to get it to form around my grip. So I went the @TheGoalNet blade repair route and gone with epoxy and graphite lube.
  5. Wip. just looking for something to seal the stick with now. Probably just going to fiberglass it like my warrior stick or try the epoxy resin with graphite lubricant
  6. just curious. How early do retailers get their catalogs for the upcoming gear from the manufacturers?
  7. itis121

    Material Database

    I have gotten a 1s glove recently for cheap with a closure problem.I have been told my my local skate/repair shop that its a hard fix due the center of the break (middle portion of the break highlighted) being sunken in. The guy who does the repairs says is a 50/50 split if he can make the glove preform to standards, so now i can make my custom franken glove. I need new plastics for the finger/felt construction and based off one of my plastic suppliers website from work they offer the following. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) GP Polycarbonate various grades of kydex polypropylene (I brought in a sample of a Bauer one90 glove plastics and they gave me this as an answer) I have also asked what type of plastics a gear repair service uses on IG and he said UHMW polyethylene Noted I have time to use a pin vice or drill press to sew the needed holes to sew the finger plastics on the felt. What is the best plastics to construct a new finger/felt construction?
  8. I just punched a few holes and laced it through the removable knee buckles on my nxg pads. Maybe you can do something similar?
  9. I think the client also has a say in the mask design. Where the given tendy shouts ideas of what they want on the mask and Dave incorporates it into the design. So I would picture the client would be given a moc design that they both agree apon before any paint hits the mask. And I think Lehner's mask doesn't include the holographic glitter stuff. His mask to me is more like a tattoo where the imagery and line work says a lot (also due to lack of colour). And it doesn't help that I like the sketch type mask he does mainly that's the type of art style I like to draw in as well. As my drafting prof likes to circle in green pen too, line weight matters w/ correct line size lol.
  10. Awesome. I think I still have a s190 I'll try it on instead.
  11. If I were to go on a custom paddle grip on my 1s stick would patching it up with any of the above methods be necessary? Trying to make a 26" down to roughly 25/25.5" paddle with the grip I have a swagger LTE stick that I had added fiberglass over the cut paddle/shaft as a precaution. It was a 27" paddle trimmed to a 25".
  12. Its just for rec league I was lucky that I wasn't called out on my goalie skates playing out which are prohibited. As for acceleration and speed I am one of the fastest players on the team with the goalie skates on so its not too much of a concern. Looks like powerskating lessons when I was younger payed off lol. And again its for rec league/ shinny for the odd time I'm able to convince my friends and brother to play. Thanks for the input!
  13. Awesome, Thanks! I usually tape cut resistant socks to the skates before i play out with my goal skates
  14. Hey guys. Im looking to get some player skates for playing out. I usually use my goalie sates for playing out (bauer x900). I have been through a few player skates but could never get used to the radius of the blades and always felt off balance (besides the fact of being considerable lighter). What radius would i get that is similar to stock goalie steel? I never got my goalie skates radius before and currently using step steel in my x900. Reasoning is if player skates provide more ankle support I will get them. I recently played my first official game as a player after 12 years in net and kind of liked it.
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