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  1. I have done this. Just be sure you study how the glove is laced. As far as getting lace, I have used Nash's toe bridge lace 4 pack (same type of lacing used that was easily available). Usually one pack (4 laces) is good enough for one glove, one piece or two piece. Note that I don't think that the laces are long enough to do a pocket tho.
  2. I agree with @Nova got a cheater for my concept c1 and its bomb proof with the 2 years I had it. Note that the concept takes the NME version of the cheater that has the double center bars closer together. Still waiting for my Fusion mask to get refurbished but may go with a custom cheater the the center bars closer like the NME. Only down side to the cheater is that it is notably heavier than the stock straight bar, but isnt a issue when wearing it on your head. I have used a cat eye with a Rey HM30 and took a flimsy shot at the wrong angle and had the cage bend. Also have used a cat eye before Canada disallowed them in minor hockey. but will stick with a cheater unless the leagues i play in say otherwise.
  3. My collage classes moved online, so no more cad homework due to some of my class mates accessibility to a computer that can run cad and cam programs 😒. Besides doing homework, I'm looking into PC upgrades for this summer and planning a custom water loop in the system. Maybe some cosmetic upgrades to it as well (no rainbow unicorn farts lol).
  4. It was reposted in one of the groups I'm in. I think someone reached out to him on Instagram.
  5. NHL jerseys are special nicely tailored as per NHL specifications on removing extra material in the arm pit area. Most jerseys i got are just modified XXXL player jerseys that make me look like a flying squirrel, some have a wider body to accommodate shoulder floaters and shorter straight cut arms to compensate for the width, then Just one that is eventually a scaled up player jersey the arms on this one are too tight and long. Just depends on the manufacturer and how they tailor the jerseys. I don't have a Adidas jersey, but the RBK ones are a stretchy material so i assume that they just stretch them over the floaters
  6. Crows I think does it. But its in Oshawa
  7. yo this was my vapor x40 stick before it broke, both paddel and blade. how often do you retape the stick also do you slam the stick on the ice, post or crossbar?
  8. Maybe to cut cost on manufacturing. And keeping parts the same for csa approval
  9. All good. I just wanted to know the difference. I have a mask that needs repadding and wondering what the options are.
  10. I'm confused about a suspended chin sling? Can you provide a picture for example. Most chinslings I search is coming up as ecofoam or old maltese and dont notice a difference.
  11. I was thinking of purchasing a gyro liner for one of my combos. But havent pulled the triger on it yet
  12. I always thought ultrasonic was like a source for sports exclusive upgrade like what they have for player skates.
  13. For the kenesky strap I had to tighten the lacing throughout the pad. It pulled the cord about an inch out. As for strapping I took out all the leather buckles off my nxgs. Moded the removable ones by replacing it with quick release buckles/ nylon straps. I added elastic straps to the nxgs. OG HALS with skate lace cover. For the reactor I took out the elastic that runs inside the leg channel and modded a 1x strapping to fit. Cut the crs to run it through the boot strap point. And Brian's elastic toe strap. All the elastics attached to the oem velcro that connects the outer calf wrap to the calf sliding surface I havent used any Vaughn pads except for demoing. But look for places you can easily attach new strapping system to then mod from there
  14. itis121

    Warrior G5

    the mask looks like a ccm chin/jaw with a 960 forehead ridges
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