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  1. itis121

    McKenney XPG1

    This is awesome, I work around the corner from you guys.
  2. It turns out my old coach from rep peewee refs in my league. he also use to ref my houseleauge games in atom lol
  3. thanks! Thats what i was going for, but with a p2 and an eflex 4 twist
  4. Kinda poop compared to the others . this one is unfinished
  5. anybody use lizardskins catcher glove? https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/lizard-skins-senior-padded-inner-glove
  6. I use hal toe ties. I use to wear my boot strap with enough slack to keep my foot in the boot channel when extending my leg, but enough for ankle mobility. Once I removed the boot strap i noticed that toe box to post was easier than w/ it in rvh.
  7. Depending on the vinyl used there should be a diamond pattern on the backside on the adhesive that helps release air bubbles when applied (automotive wrap) w/o the use of application fluid to aid in air bubble removal. A heat gun or hair dryer should get the wrap to stick on momentarily but not a overall solution to keeping the vinyl from peeling again. I personally used that type vinyl once for an install job as the vinyl itself is very expensive (3m stuff that was subcontracted to us for install). I was told that there should be no residue or dirt on the surface, as it would effect the adhesive.
  8. They usually ask for a name and keep the transactions on file (at least the one in whitby). Were they able to recover it that way?
  9. itis121

    CCM EF4

    The closest I could get to what I would have liked
  10. I dont believe so. Probably just ordered through a retailer.
  11. I found double braided cord to use to relace my gloves. Will be in by tomorrow to give feedback. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01A61GW72/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_hZPDCb75QYQJP
  12. Hey guys I recently bought a 1S practice palm glove for cheap and there is no curv. The glove was pretty beat and ralacing it was a must so I took it apart. there was no curv on the finger perimeter like my NXG gloves and nothing in the cuff. There is a soft black material in the palm that is sewn in between the cortex and the poron on the finger portion of the glove, so maybe that's it? but other than that all I could find is the promo tag on the back of the cuff.
  13. My nxg T swap surgery almost complete. Waiting on the needles from Amazon to complete the lacing. Just have to lace through thumb plastic and foam now.
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