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Thomas Greiss Pro Return Gloves Review


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Been using these since the end of June so i figured now would be a good time to review.

Blocker is a V7 XF. Really like it, especially the cuff, i cut the wrist strap off and removed the string in the cuff to give a wider range of motion and it works great. Its palm is more pointed towards the middle, giving it a very balanced feel. The palm itself is a mixture of a Nash and suregrip, giving good grip when you grip your stick.
The sidewall padding is fine, the sidewall itself is relatively soft, but i dont really use the sidewall to block shots. I play with my hands pretty far out in front of me in my stance so i use the front of the blocker more than the side. 

Glove is a Pro V Elite. Couldnt close it at first but ive found its more of an issue with how deep, or lack of depth i had my hand in inside the glove, caused it to break unevenly. started putting my hand deeper in the glove and havent had the issue. Getting it with the double T wasnt as expected. The whole talk towards a double T is to be able to see thru the pocket to see the puck in the glove, but in this glove, the lace inside isnt very wide, and the 2 Ts are pretty close. I like the feel of the Single T. As @TheGoalNet said abt the snap feel of the puck hitting the T.
The protection is top notch. It has a pro palm which makes it more protected, not that I need a pro palm, but I like the added padding in it. 

The feel of the glove is a bit weird. It closes at around a 60 Degree break (590) but it doesnt have the lace on the cuff, so its technically a 600 break when listed. Not that the closure was bad bc it was great, just a weird thing with the glove. I didnt notice it or mind it tho.

Overall, I love these gloves, gonna keep using these until theyre unusable. 
If you have any questions abt anything abt them 


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