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Sniper Skin butt-end review


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So I mentioned in the stick butt-end thread that I had purchased a Sniper Skin product and, after 5 business days, it finally came in.

After searching different options online and watching/reading different reviews, I opted for this product because it's not a rubbery or silicone type of material, more so a shrink-like vinyl. I prefer that my blocker hand slides easily over the stick for ease of the poke-check. The other available products would be too sticky or grippy for my liking. I also chose the player version over the goalie one for the following reasons: I never really used that much of tape to create an oversized knob, simply enough to catch my palm and not lose the stick once I shoot it out . (FRIG it's difficult writing this and trying to keep a straight face :P lolll). The goalie Sniper Skin is also extra long. I don't need that much, heck I even ended up cutting some of the one I received and after the results, I'd probably would have cut off some more, but I figure you need long enough wrap to have a good hold on the handle and not lose the rubber washer included.

The installation was quite easy; filled up the kettle to the max, put it on the element and waited for the whistle, took it off and slowly poured it over the wrapped area, up and down to make sure it shrinks properly. The only thing that worried me is hot boiling water being poured over a laminated wooden stick. Fortunately I did not notice any bubbling of the wood, paint or gloss. I can say that I'm satisfied with the end result and that once the skin cooled off, it felt no different than if I had used tape. "But Rich, why not just use tape?". Good question. For one, I wanted to try this for a while. Second, I had the option of customising it. Third, it leaves me with more blade tape to last the season. Besides, according to Sniper Skin's owner/inventor, the product is biodegradable, something that brings me some sort of peace of mind in consideration for the environment, something the hockey industry isn't too well known for.

I have a game the 24th, unless I get called to sub somewhere else before that, at which point I will then report back with a final conclusion.

Without further a do, the pics...







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1 hour ago, Math. said:

Ok, +1 pour ton istop lapuck, ça m'a bien fait rire!

How does the material feels?  Is it any kind of tacky or it's slick like a plastic heat shrink?

Merci :D , je l'utilise depuis très longtemp.

It's not tacky at all, which is what I prefer. Not so much plastic, more vinyl. The perforations is what would account as your grip factor I take.

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Interesting. I've been thinking of switching over to a ButtEndz to help protect the shaft of my stick (as I'm a post tapper,) but I don't like how long they are and I'm not a big fan of something tacky. Maybe I pick up one of these... trim it to the length I'm looking for... shrink it on... then tape my knob. 

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Just wanted to say that I used my new stick (Sher-wood GS350) last night and the Sniper Skin was a non issue. Does this mean I'd go and order some more? Not sure. But for what it's worth, I do suggest it to those looking for an alternative to taping. Not tacky, not in the way, light weight, kinda stylish and custom IDed.

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