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G-NETik 8.0


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While I think I want to change my leg pads, I KNOW that I'm not ready to pull the trigger on new pads, so I won't waste anyone's time with a new thread. :P

I would like to ask a related question about the colour options for G-NETik 8.0 pads. I bought the G-NETik 8.0 blocker and trapper from my LHS's in-store stock, in Chicago tri-colour (white/black/red). However, everything I've seen of the 8.0 pads have been two-colour (or all white, all black). As I'm not pulling the trigger anytime soon, I have admittedly not done exhaustive research in this regard.

So my question is: does anyone know if there is a tri-colour option for the G-NETik 8.0 pads?

(Side note...of course my LHS guy has a set of the G-NETik IV pro pads in Chicago colours, AND my size, prominently displayed near the skate-sharpening station. Sigh... sometimes he's a jerk that way - LOL!)

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