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Ward Retires as a Hurricane


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44 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Glad to see him retire properly.

Not exactly one of the most spectacular goalies, but in the "very decent" class. Especially considering some of those teams he played behind.

Yeah, exactly.  I have always liked him, especially his masks.  It was really nice to see him sign the 1 day contract and retire a Cane.  Sounds like he will continue living in Raleigh so I would not be surprised to see him work for the team.  Ward was always a guy you heard good things about behind the scenes.

Agreed about his place in the goalie world.  One of the most reliable , good, "B" goalies in the league overall.  Fortunately/Unfortunately for him, he was the "A" goalie on a struggling team....their 1 championship aside.

This is how he'll look in my mind from now on:




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