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Vaughn LT90 Chest/Arms Medium Slightly Modified


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So I just picked this up second-hand (or third-hand), and its in great condition. It could probably use a little cleaning on some of the arm elastic, but its really nice. I have sprayed it a couple times with my alcohol/water solution, and really the smell isn't that bad, and I'm very sensitive to that typically.

The modifications include some extra rib protection that's been taped on. I did try to remove parts of it just to see what the residue might be like from the tape, and it seems minimal. The other modification, and it was missed by both the seller (or they are playing dumb) and myself, is that a previous owner took off the collar/neck guard. I assume this was to keep it out of the way of the mask, but can't say for sure. If you wear a separate neck guard, probably won't be an issue. I'm just looking to get my money back on this, so $150 shipped in the US, from Chicago area (if that matters). Let me know if there are any questions.










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