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  1. Somewhere in my photo archive I might but haven't come across one in years. Mine wasn't exactly plumb. As I recall it was a little off of centre. Greg had a jig in his shop and made his own cages but I suspect that these ones were free style, not mass produced. A while back I asked my son if he still had an old bag of my gear, custom cage included, kicking around in his basement. He thinks that it, along with some of his stuff, was donated to a charity shop at least 10 years ago.
  2. I recall being in Greg Harrison's shop around that time, late 80's, and he was making a tight grid cage for Andy Moog, similar to a Cooper HM50. Moog, like most of us wearing a Harrison mask, had one of Greg's typical cats eye cage but was told at either a World Championship or perhaps Olympic Games that this type of cage was illegal. An SOS went out to Harrison so he whipped up this hybrid cage and sent it off to Moog. Shortly afterwards I had my Harrison mask declined at a tournament so I phoned Greg and asked if I could obtain one of those "legal" cages. By then he had put a couple
  3. SaveByRichter35, a most thoughtful and reflective post. It happens, but don't let this feeling define you. Heck, I've retired from the game a handful of times due to work and family priorities, health or inability to play at a higher level of hockey than I could provide. When we moved across the country in 2006, as part of a retirement plan, I left my gear behind. Within 3 months I discovered 55+ hockey. My gear was shipped in 2 boxes by our son and a week later arrived at the door. I was back in the game! It's supposed to be fun. When playing goal isn't enjoyable why co
  4. Confession time, as a wee lad growing up in Ottawa, Ontario, all of my hockey was played on outdoor rinks where the shooters learned to keep their shots low. A puck that went over the boards may not be recovered until the spring melt, plus we may not have had a spare so a chunk of ice would have had to suffice. I was 14, playing my first indoor game of hockey on "artificial" ice and it was weird. Everything sounded different. There was no need to change ends every 15 minutes so that the other team was now facing the cold outdoor wind, complete with stinging snow. Many, many years
  5. The Story on Holtby's Latest Mask https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/322880/For-Island-artist-designing-Canucks-goalie-mask-an-act-of-reconciliation
  6. Therein lies the key. As we age various elements, physical and mental, confront us. I was an Air Traffic Controller for 35 years. Was I as efficient in my latter years, probably not. But the solution is to recognize and adjust your standards. In ATC that may have meant to limit the number of aircraft under my control at any one time. In hockey I have been fortunate to play in age and talent levels suitable to my abilities. In my mid 50's I quit hockey for a couple of years (osteoarthritis) but upon retiring my wife and I moved across Canada to a drier, warmer climate. This provided some
  7. The procedures are constantly evolving. When I underwent total hip replacement in 1997 the only options were the type of material used in the making of the hardware. I now hear from some friends that they had an assortment of options - incision from the front rather than side being less invasive, newer, stronger, lighter materials, no need for an overnight stay in hospital, many more I am sure. I put off knee replacement for over 20 years, opting for physiotherapy, injections and a few arthroscopic procedures before taking the calculated plunge. I am 71 and only COVID-19 restrictions
  8. Leafs Training Camp 1964. These 2 HOF dudes did look like goalies from the maskless era.
  9. I recall Greg Harrison telling me that fans at least 20 rows up (his actual words were “those sitting in the Reds”, the second section of seats in MLG, above the Golds) should be able to identify his mask designs. At the time he was attaching a trout fishing fly to the backplate strap of Glen Hanlon’s newest mask. Hanlon was an avid angler so this hook was an in joke that the public wouldn’t be able to notice.
  10. There may be some obstructions in place for an All Canadian NHL Division. Travel restrictions are being enforced which would deny teams in the west from travelling east, and vice versa. These are controlled by the Provinces, not a Federal mandate. Stay tuned for further developments..............
  11. I can't speak to the other manufacturers. In my mid 50's a whole new world of playing hockey opened up to me. The Local Seniors Hockey Club was a 55+ team. My gear was OK, mainly Vaughn from the mid 90's. I used this stuff for quite a few years. Like yourself I am a stand-up, double pad stacks sort of goalie. Admittedly, I have learned much from the play on your knees style of goaltending. Disclosure, I was born in 1949, been a goalie for most of those years. But I never had gear that fitted me and my style of play. John Brown was not real keen to make me a set of streamlined goalie p
  12. Our most recent restrictions pertained to "All Adult Indoor Activities." The age cutoff was 19 and over and have been extended to January 8, 2021.
  13. Word around here is that they were a Revelstoke based team, unconfirmed, but would explain the sudden and massive breakout there.
  14. "All Adult Indoor Sports Activities have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19." This is our newest edict as of today in British Columbia. This wiped out both my hockey and Aqua Fit Classes for now(?). Well, at least I got to play 2 games already this week............
  15. Good to hear Coop. I'm playing this morning under all of the usual restrictions. One of our guys took his mask off in our dressing room post game and immediately got jumped on by the group.
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