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  1. I had total hip replacement in October 2007, age 58. I thought that I was done playing goal but thanks to an understanding physiotherapist and surgeon I got the OK to get back between the pipes the following September. His words to me were "Stop if it hurts'". It didn't and I played nearly a thousand games up until the time I needed knee replacement surgery in January 2018. Following 19 months of physio, aquafit and yoga, plus dropping 20 pounds, I start playing again next week but it won't be as a full-time goalie. I am starting off as a spare, probably getting into a handful of games per month, until I see if I'm damaging my body and/or playing shitty. An agonizing reappraisal of my 'tending career will come at that time. All the best to you FIFTY-SIX.
  2. Free Cooper GM21 GLOVE NO LONGER AVAILABLE (August 13) I have owned this trapper for quite a while and have decided to pass it along. The leather is in very good condition, has been treated to keep it supple. The right side pocket has become a little floppy but no nasty smell and the interior is intact. As you can see the cuff label is missing but the back one is intact. You pay the shipping from Kelowna, BC V1Z 3C5
  3. Here is a blog which I composed for John Brown whilst I was performing a restoration on some old gear. I hope it may be of some assistance to anyone here doing something similar. https://blog.brownhockey.com/post/103907737224/restoring-old-leather-equipment
  4. Bunnyman, welcome to my world. I have come from 40 years of stand-up to my version of hybrid. You guys have seen my current gear, nearly 10 year old leather Battram gloves and pads that allow for some rotation, about as much as my highly modified body can handle. I am 70 this year, been a goaltender my entire life and still play with the young guys, young being a relative term (age 55+). I did your move in reverse, adapting my game to incorporate some butterfly over the past 20 years. Being 5' 7" it doesn't make a great deal of sense to go down on every shot directed towards the net plus many of you will find that age does have an adverse affect on a game based upon a steady flow of up and down moves (Breaking News!!!!!). I suspect that 30+ seasons of butterfly will lead to some nasty hip, back and knee issues so that many advocates are going to have trouble playing into their later years without making adaptations to their game. Have fun. Be mindful of your body. Keep your stick on the ice.
  5. I sold my entire set of BROWN gear to one person following knee replacement surgery a year ago. Included were my Model 2000CA, 2100 Series Pads, JB2200 Gloves and JB2000 Pants. Back around 2010 Scott Battram built me a set of all leather pads and gloves. That's what I'm wearing now. Is it sacrilegious to display Battram gear on a BROWN thread?
  6. It wasn't many but I can't say for certain. My guess would be a single sheet.
  7. My fading memory recalls Greg saying that he added pieces of Kevlar to high contact areas, chin and forehead. Would this make sense for masks such as mine made in the mid 1980's?
  8. It brings back so many memories to see these latest Harrisons in their incubation period. Some of you may be delighted to hear that I returned to the nets late this past season, new knee performing well at age 69. Others of you, including the chap on this board who offered me $450 for my Harrison, (he wanted to repaint it into a more modern design) are SOL as I plan on keeping my mask forever. Or at least until it gets passed along to my grandson.
  9. I have worn their goalie jocks for years, a high quality product for under $100.
  10. The skate save, a lost art or dinosaur times?
  11. I recently purchased a used Vaughn 2200 Velocity 6 Pro Spec C/A for $50. It's a size Large in very good to excellent condition, 4 years old, one previous owner. This thing is light, as in flyweight light, making liberal use of carbon fibre and mesh. My very unofficial scales register a weight of just under 5 pounds. Does anyone here have game condition experience with this unit?
  12. Disregard, we located some gear locally.
  13. I also have some 50's and 60's programs/calendars from the Leafs, Habs and Hull-Ottawa Canadiens of the long gone EPHL.
  14. From a different angle, the other 2 walls which are mostly race car stuff.
  15. No, its my garage which houses 2 cars, some of my hockey stuff and 2 walls of race car memorabilia, mainly photos I took when I shot professionally in the 70's and 80's. I found another angle.
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