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  1. I was looking at your photo and the sleek lookin Brown but I can't stop thinking that those sleeves are short, damn short, tooo short! I've gotten so many pucks to my wrists which is why I look to have sufficient wrap around. Yes, the sleeves are shorter than usual, at my request. Even at full extension the cuffs of my BROWN trapper and blocker (JB2200) snugged up against the cuff of my C/A. I do have short arms, 32", I stand 5'7" and shrinking (70 years old - it happens). John wasn't keen on making my pants (JB2000) so smallish either. "Bulk is good" is his mantra. I had asked for less bulk to allow for quicker movement. Keep in mind here fellow 'tenders that I play in a no slapshot, non contact division, minimum age 55, so the type of shots I regularly face are not boomers from the point, more close in, two on ones, deflections, so quick response is essential. There was talk on the news last evening that some municipalities may not be able to afford the reopening of skating facilities. "Oh the horror" .... this is Canada. I have a substantial COVID-19 cache of recyclable cans and and bottles which I would gladly donate to the cause.
  2. Used one, briefly, didn't like it because it blocked the view of pucks at my feet. A good form fitting combo mask still allows for one to see close in pucks but I found that my head was forever bobbing because I would lose sight for a brief moment until my head was aimed straight down. The one I had also reflected a glare from some arena lighting back in the 80's. I have a short neck , head resting on shoulders sort of physique, so this piece of gear was unsuitable. Plus I thought that they looked awkward, not at all cool.
  3. Yup, painted the mask myself, still have it and the Kings jersey but sold the vintage BROWN gear in order to buy new BROWN gear about 5 years ago. Tried to sell the mask and jersey, with bonus autographed Rogie photo, but didn't get any reasonable offers so they hang on the wall. (shameless plug)
  4. The same Cooper gloves and pads (above) as in the Team Canada photo below, 3 years later. GP-95L pads, GM-12 Blocker and GM-21 Trapper Same Cooper GP 95L pads but new gloves with updated side trap on the GM-21 BROWN Pads and Gloves, early 80's with Lange Goal Skates.
  5. This is my late 70's gear, more photos somewhere in a couple of boxes I have to go through.
  6. Greg was a bit of a control freak when it came to his masks. He made each one in his shop near Toronto Intn'l Airport, painted them, sewed the straps/sweat bands and even made his own cages. In the mid 80's I recall asking him why he hadn't hired an apprentice to at least assist with the sanding, claiming that he spent a minimum of 20 hours on that process per mask. He was a one man operation.
  7. https://www.therecord.com/sports-story/9923198-scott-radley-kenesky-manufacturing-moves-from-blocking-pucks-to-blocking-covid-19/
  8. People, careful about what you say regarding my grand daughter .............
  9. Well, I was going to attend some Memorial Cup games here in my home town, but ......https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/chl-announces-cancellation-playoffs-memorial-cup/.
  10. My team has decided to cancel the remainder of our season effective today. We have ice time 3 days a week until May 15 but under the current predicament it wasn't that tough a call.
  11. It may be a stretch to include life saving equipment and training within this topic but here I go anyway, As we approach the anniversary of these 2 on ice incidents I feel duty bound to remind my fellow 'tenders of the importance we place on these items. Do you know where the Automated External Defibrillator is located in your local arena? Is anyone on your team trained in its use? What about performing CPR? At the very least is a cellular phone nearby when you're on the ice? Does it have a strong signal? We discovered that the phone we always left on our bench had a weak signal and was useless the first time we really needed it. In 2007 our team decided to purchase our own AED because some arenas didn't have one while others kept them under lock and key in the office, rather useless when time is of the essence. Yes, we are a senior team, minimum age 55, but please don't ever assume that youth makes you bullet proof. Recently we had a similar situation in a high school gym incident. Enough preaching, enjoy and learn ................. P.S. This is not a paid commercial on behalf of John Brown Sports. I had just received my new gear and it shows.
  12. Thank you for your kind words, from one Ottawa boy to another. Born and raised, met my wife in High School in Ottawa and left in 1971 due to a job transfer.
  13. There are times where I wonder if my photos and tales have any relevancy on this forum. My gear is not fashionable nor my goaltending style. As long as I don't become "that guy", an anachronism, out of time, out of place, then I shall continue to post the odd tidbit or question. I love this game, especially being a goalie, and have been blessed with good health (a few new parts along the way) and excellent team mates. Back in the early 80's a common dressing room conversation revolved around the then newly formed Oldtimers Hockey Association, age 35+. "Dang, aren't we lucky to be playing organized hockey at our age"? Yes girls and boys, we are. I have learned so much from so many fellow 'tenders on sites such as this, especially this one and the former GSBB. I thank you all. Steve Berry
  14. The sharp eyed among you may notice that in the final photo I had upgraded my gloves to a new GM12 Blocker and the latest GM21 Trapper with the revolutionary thumb to wrist add-on webbing, courtesy of the Cooper Custom Pro Department, "ooh ...... ahh ........" circa 1980.
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