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  1. LP, thanks for the confirmation. The image of that leather/wire contraption was tucked away in a distant corner of my memory. Its acquisition came with a newsprint advertisement for this beauty. 1936 huh, it’s older than I had thought. Now, where did I leave my car keys?
  2. For the first 10 minutes I felt and probably looked like Bambi on ice. After a dozen shots the old body responded. I had a shutout going until 2/3 into the game. Dang, it felt wonderful to be back. Round Two on Friday. The only pads/gloves I have are all leather so a bit heavy but look and feel so familiar. The kid is back! Thanks for asking.
  3. We begin play on Monday, September 13, 3 one hour ice times per week. It is imperative to show proof of vaccination (at least one dose) and two doses by October 24. You need only bring your vaccination ID once if already double dosed. Masks in the building except on the bench/ice. Dressing Room use of masks is a hard rule with zero exceptions. We have 15 minutes when entering the building until game time and a similar period to undress and leave the arena. Showers are available but the 15 minute clock is running. Usually we have an hour fifteen ice time but lose that 1/4 hour which is used by the arena staff to disinfect the Dressing Rooms for the next rental. Still, we are playing hockey again!
  4. Alright, I'm taking the bait. Our numbers were down, way down from the Lower Mainland, until July 1 and the party crowd arrived in Kelowna. The first hint came when 6 of our waterfront bars/restaurants began to get scary high positive numbers, both staff and guests. These haunts are the favourites of the 20-40 year old crowds. Any of you feeling a little uncomfortable yet? Tourists come for a good time and typically spend their $$$$ on fun stuff, simple fact. We have a history of welcoming hordes of tourists and our economy depends upon this infusion of spending. But this time they left us with additional "gifts". So for the first part of the summer we were targeted by Dr. Bonnie and associates and rightly so. Our numbers blossomed. Over the past couple of weeks some interesting stats have surfaced. Enderby, Armstrong and even Vernon have vaccine rates between 48% - 60%. Some locals have claimed that these towns are agriculture based and the workers are too occupied in the fields to bother with vaccinations. And then there's the Kootenays where similarly low vaccine numbers are popping up, an area known to welcome the independent crowd (draft dodgers and hippies in the 60's), not that there's anything wrong with alternative lifestyles. Spend any amount of time in the Nelson area and enjoy the differences, fun place for sure. How about the ultra religious sects living in the area and discover another tight, joint living community who shun many of life's amenities, including conventional medicines. All of these diverse areas are included in the Interior Health bubble. Admittedly, Kelowna has attracted many of us still living fossils who moved here from across Canada to live our Golden Years. Perhaps not so surprising is that our 60+ age group possess a vaccination rate well into 80% but we can be susceptible to the virus more so than you young bucks. This week our 55+ and 70+ teammates have been polled and out of 120 hockey players 2 have chosen to not receive any vaccinations and will not be eligible to play hockey until BC Health decides differently. Am I a bit defensive on this subject, fuggin' right!
  5. Three weeks ago we were advised that our hockey would resume on Sept. 13 (City of West Kelowna). This week that was rescinded and hockey is put off "until at least October." Our provincial government (British Columbia) will be issuing COVID-19 Passports by mid September. We fully expect that anyone who has not received at least one vaccination we be prohibited from entering the Arena as either a spectator or player.
  6. How about this beauty made by Rawlings? I used to have a photo of a Japanese hockey goalie wearing one of these in the Olympics, mid 50's. It looks more like something a baseball player might use if he wore glasses, the catcher? I picked this one up about 30 years ago but never had the balls to wear it in action.
  7. I sold most of my gear whilst recuperating from knee replacement surgery in 2018. The package included relatively new Brown gloves, pads, pants and a hefty C&A, keeping only my skates and Harrison 80's mask. The new owner was most pleased with his Brown collection. Many of you know the rest of my story. I did return to play in 2019 with an older group and had to scrounge for some used gear. πŸ˜‰
  8. What a marvellous summation of your life path with Tony Esposito, bravo. I have skated a similar path with Johnny Bower.
  9. I just heard that Tony Esposito died today, pancreatic cancer. Was he the father of the butterfly?
  10. Yup, you were paying attention .................. I had my first set of Brians pads stolen and didn't have proper insurance coverage. After that I paid for a separate rider in my policy for hockey gear. Naturally, I've never had a theft incident since - not complaining.
  11. Tough questions for a mature goaltender but I believe the shoulder Mickey Mouse ears on my BP21 rested under my SA95, arms pads went on after the belly pad . Back then we always seem to wear smallish goalie jerseys because that's all we had so the tight chest area kept the ears from floating as well. With the extra bulk of my SA95 I found that shots between the shoulder and chest area sometimes squeezed through. The arms were too rigid and difficult to flex. Back then goaltenders were not encouraged to play the puck, a move which was made difficult with these encasements. I don't recall the add-on shouldered and belly extensions causing an issue, more the sheer bulk and stiffness of the arms. Within a season or two this set-up was gone and I went to a radical new concept - a one piece C/A.
  12. Ten years ago our team decided to keep a bag of gear, mostly goalie stuff, in our locker at the rink. Just about every season I upgraded the equipment on our tiny budget. Now we have a bag with 3 pairs of gloves, one being a full right, a set of Vaughn V3's, assorted Goalie Cut jerseys, 3 pairs of skates plus 3 masks. One is a Cooper combo cage with dangler and the others are typical shell masks. We have a couple of sticks, everything required should a goalie be a no show and some forward/defense can step up and be Johnny Bower for a day. It is my duty to keep the gear fresh and in good condition. It would take around 3 minutes to grab a spare piece of gear if something broke on the ice.
  13. Trepid, is this the shot you asked me about? The Cooper Custom Pro Shop beefed up my SA95 arm pads and BP21 belly pad in the mid 80's. They were bullet proof for that time but friggin' heavy!
  14. Trepid, I received your message, tried searching this website for the image of me in my beefed up Cooper SA95 arm pads circa 1985, to no avail. I think that it was a photo which I downloaded to my old computer and am having trouble locating. Does anyone else recall this photo that I posted a couple years ago?
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