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  1. So, you drive him to Lake Tahoe and he gets to ride his new bike home, perfect solution Dad.
  2. He will use it for some wicked ball hockey games with his sister, Dad and hockey buddies, but at age nearly nine is still a tad small for my giant 31's.😉
  3. I've had this set since new, mid to late 90's. They are destined for my grandson who is way too smart to be a goalie, MVP Centreman.
  4. Dear 'Merica, You have illustrated a most novel way to eliminate a virus. But I think that we'll stick with something a little more Canuckian - Larger spaces with fewer (masked) faces. Regards, Canada
  5. Wonder35

    GSBB - Dead?

    May I have another please?
  6. Who will read it to him?
  7. All non-essential travel from the US to Canada is suspended as crossing the border is taken seriously. A 14 day quarantine upon entering Canada is mandatory, even for Canadians returning home. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html
  8. At this stage I have forced myself to play angles and be aggressive in doing so. My defence know that they have to guard the free man and be prepared for a rebound due to my attacking nature. Many years ago I was filling in for a team and recognized one of the defensemen as a former Junior A goaltender, Ian Young of the Oshawa Generals (google him). He was a successful businessman and did some goalie coaching at the time for the NY Islanders, I think. Naturally I had to ask for one tidbit of advice. He said to be sure to skate out to meet the shooter but also remember to keep your feet moving and skate backwards if the shooter was attempting a deke. DON'T GET CAUGHT FLATFOOTED! Keep your feet light on the ice and moving with the play. It seems so basic now (35 years later) but having always been a stand up style player I quickly adapted. At my full height of 5'7" I probably wouldn't have been allowed to progress as a goaltender in today's butterfly world. That may have been a mixed blessing when I hear of young players requiring hip surgeries of various types. No way I would have been this competitive had my still developing body been channelled to that style of play. DISCLAIMER This is free advice from a non professional with little coaching along the way............... who is still playing on a regular basis* and having as much fun as a 70 year old is entitled to. *COVID-19 interruption acknowledged.
  9. Geez, you guys are making me feel guilty. Yeah, I have old man arthritic aches and pains, pee twice a night and really, I mean really hate the word "like". Like, you like know what I mean?
  10. Am I out to lunch in stating that BROWN pads were the first widely used foam pads, available to the public and in wide use by the Pro's?
  11. Fifty Six, your healing has begun. I played in 24 games this past winter. I maintain that daily yoga and 3 times a week aqua fit class allowed me to play relatively pain free, still have osteoarthritis in my joints but the knee and hip are good. With most exercise facilities closed I tuned up my bicycle, pedalling my butt all over town. Our team is presenting a plan to the local Rec Dept with the hope we can resume playing come September. I will be ready. All the best in your rehab.
  12. Agree I have posted this link before and here it comes again. Learn CPR. It's simple. It saves lives. Yes, find the location of the closest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in your arena. It's simple to operate. It saves lives. Here's how I know. Steve Berry
  13. I'm hoping that we can influence the authorities when it comes to Goaltenders and the need for a dressing/undressing area. We have 130 players on our club, represented by an executive of 5 people of which 3 of us are 'tenders. Yes, we have an agenda.
  14. We met with a Rep from the West Kelowna Rec Dept yesterday. As of now there is a maximum of 12 players allowed, DRILLS ONLY - NO COMPETITION, no spitting, no dressing rooms, and we must arrive at the arena 15 minutes in advance. Oh yeah, and no spectators. Our ice time (3 mornings a week from early September until mid May) for the past 15+ years is subsidized under the banner of Seniors' Program 55+ and 70+ so it's dirt cheap, $5.25 for skaters, goalies free, a total of 6 ice times of 75 minutes for the 2 age groups. We have been asked to forward "Return To Sports Plans" that "will need to align with Provincial and City Plans." The difficulty here is that we are not looking for ice time now so there will be some crystal ball gazing in order to project what will be allowed by the fall. As I left the arena yesterday I saw a bantam age goalie shedding his sweaty gear in the parking lot while wondering if that was my future.
  15. I was looking at your photo and the sleek lookin Brown but I can't stop thinking that those sleeves are short, damn short, tooo short! I've gotten so many pucks to my wrists which is why I look to have sufficient wrap around. Yes, the sleeves are shorter than usual, at my request. Even at full extension the cuffs of my BROWN trapper and blocker (JB2200) snugged up against the cuff of my C/A. I do have short arms, 32", I stand 5'7" and shrinking (70 years old - it happens). John wasn't keen on making my pants (JB2000) so smallish either. "Bulk is good" is his mantra. I had asked for less bulk to allow for quicker movement. Keep in mind here fellow 'tenders that I play in a no slapshot, non contact division, minimum age 55, so the type of shots I regularly face are not boomers from the point, more close in, two on ones, deflections, so quick response is essential. There was talk on the news last evening that some municipalities may not be able to afford the reopening of skating facilities. "Oh the horror" .... this is Canada. I have a substantial COVID-19 cache of recyclable cans and and bottles which I would gladly donate to the cause.
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