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  1. Good to hear Coop. I'm playing this morning under all of the usual restrictions. One of our guys took his mask off in our dressing room post game and immediately got jumped on by the group.
  2. We're still playing in Kelowna, but if our numbers in the Southern/Central Interior spike ...........👎
  3. Oh yeah ........ Call me criminal.
  4. City of West Kelowna Return To Play Rules decree a total of 22 players per session which includes 2 goaltenders. Players must wait in their cars, away from the arena entrance to avoid congregating in a group outside the entrance. We have 15 minutes once arriving inside the arena to be stepping onto the ice. All players must arrive at the rink in full gear, except skates, gloves, helmets (seeking clarification for goalies). It was strongly advised that we wear a mask to the arena, while getting dressed and post game once off the ice until leaving the facility. Two dressing rooms will be
  5. Do you have a personal experience to back up these claims or just the usual internet jargon? I have had crap pads made by Brians yet they seemed to have survived alright. For a few years I wore a mighty fine C/A from a small time operator in Pickering, Ontario. It just seems too easy to vilify a small time manufacturer online because someone else said that they got shitty gear. Just curious ......
  6. I have loads of respect for the lesser high profile manufacturers. It's often easy to dump on someone who isn't brand name or focuses on alternative markets. But sometimes we need to acknowledge people who've been crafting good, solid and affordable gear for over 20 years. Scott Battram is definitely in this category. His graphics (like them or not) have been exceptional and exactly what the customer wanted. When I was looking for someone to make me a set of leather gear 10 years ago he stepped up with some great hides and filled the bill. Sure, they're not to everyone's tastes b
  7. So, you drive him to Lake Tahoe and he gets to ride his new bike home, perfect solution Dad.
  8. He will use it for some wicked ball hockey games with his sister, Dad and hockey buddies, but at age nearly nine is still a tad small for my giant 31's.😉
  9. I've had this set since new, mid to late 90's. They are destined for my grandson who is way too smart to be a goalie, MVP Centreman.
  10. Dear 'Merica, You have illustrated a most novel way to eliminate a virus. But I think that we'll stick with something a little more Canuckian - Larger spaces with fewer (masked) faces. Regards, Canada
  11. Wonder35

    GSBB - Dead?

    May I have another please?
  12. Who will read it to him?
  13. All non-essential travel from the US to Canada is suspended as crossing the border is taken seriously. A 14 day quarantine upon entering Canada is mandatory, even for Canadians returning home. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html
  14. At this stage I have forced myself to play angles and be aggressive in doing so. My defence know that they have to guard the free man and be prepared for a rebound due to my attacking nature. Many years ago I was filling in for a team and recognized one of the defensemen as a former Junior A goaltender, Ian Young of the Oshawa Generals (google him). He was a successful businessman and did some goalie coaching at the time for the NY Islanders, I think. Naturally I had to ask for one tidbit of advice. He said to be sure to skate out to meet the shooter but also remember to keep your f
  15. Geez, you guys are making me feel guilty. Yeah, I have old man arthritic aches and pains, pee twice a night and really, I mean really hate the word "like". Like, you like know what I mean?
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