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  1. It may be a stretch to include life saving equipment and training within this topic but here I go anyway, As we approach the anniversary of these 2 on ice incidents I feel duty bound to remind my fellow 'tenders of the importance we place on these items. Do you know where the Automated External Defibrillator is located in your local arena? Is anyone on your team trained in its use? What about performing CPR? At the very least is a cellular phone nearby when you're on the ice? Does it have a strong signal? We discovered that the phone we always left on our bench had a weak signal and was useless the first time we really needed it. In 2007 our team decided to purchase our own AED because some arenas didn't have one while others kept them under lock and key in the office, rather useless when time is of the essence. Yes, we are a senior team, minimum age 55, but please don't ever assume that youth makes you bullet proof. Recently we had a similar situation in a high school gym incident. Enough preaching, enjoy and learn ................. P.S. This is not a paid commercial on behalf of John Brown Sports. I had just received my new gear and it shows.
  2. Thank you for your kind words, from one Ottawa boy to another. Born and raised, met my wife in High School in Ottawa and left in 1971 due to a job transfer.
  3. There are times where I wonder if my photos and tales have any relevancy on this forum. My gear is not fashionable nor my goaltending style. As long as I don't become "that guy", an anachronism, out of time, out of place, then I shall continue to post the odd tidbit or question. I love this game, especially being a goalie, and have been blessed with good health (a few new parts along the way) and excellent team mates. Back in the early 80's a common dressing room conversation revolved around the then newly formed Oldtimers Hockey Association, age 35+. "Dang, aren't we lucky to be playing organized hockey at our age"? Yes girls and boys, we are. I have learned so much from so many fellow 'tenders on sites such as this, especially this one and the former GSBB. I thank you all. Steve Berry
  4. The sharp eyed among you may notice that in the final photo I had upgraded my gloves to a new GM12 Blocker and the latest GM21 Trapper with the revolutionary thumb to wrist add-on webbing, courtesy of the Cooper Custom Pro Department, "ooh ...... ahh ........" circa 1980.
  5. Out of curiosity, why “the Big M” jersey? Phenomenal player - but didn’t he pull out of the series? And Pete, well... that goal he scored in game 2 is still one of my top goals of all time! Re: #27 - It was the only one I could find back then large enough to fit over my "massive" 2 piece Cooper C/A, Models SA95 and BP21 I think. Peter's goal, oh yeah ..........
  6. Vintage gear, yup. Vintage goalie, absolutely ............
  7. Me in action at a recent VGK game ..........
  8. My new set of Brians gear, mid to late 80's. Yeah, it's a hokey pose when compared to a hockey pose.
  9. The foam padding in yours is very similar to that in my 35 year old Harrison. Greg must have got it right back then. I have never had any sort of head injury in the thousands of games wearing mine. This image was taken prior to replacing the interior of my mask a few years ago. It's very comforting to see a new Harrison, enjoy .............
  10. UPDATE Eighteen months after knee replacement surgery my Harrison and I are back in the game. A year ago I incorporated daily yoga along with aqua fit classes in order to keep this arthritic 70 year old body somewhat flexible. Fortunately the club I have played for over the past 14 seasons has both a 55+ and 70+ age divisions. I get into a few games here and there, a handful over each of the past 2 months. My BROWN gear has been sold but not my Grafs or my Harrison, not even to the chap on this board who offered me $450. for it ("...after all it needs to be resprayed ...."). I am wearing a set of 10 year old Battram all leather pads/gloves, picked up a used Vaughn V6 C/A and brought an old pair of Vaughn pants back to life. It feels like the latest set-up weighs 10-12 pounds more than my previous stuff. But hey I'M BACK IN THE GAME and even stopping a few. But best of all, no knee pain ....
  11. I had total hip replacement in October 2007, age 58. I thought that I was done playing goal but thanks to an understanding physiotherapist and surgeon I got the OK to get back between the pipes the following September. His words to me were "Stop if it hurts'". It didn't and I played nearly a thousand games up until the time I needed knee replacement surgery in January 2018. Following 19 months of physio, aquafit and yoga, plus dropping 20 pounds, I start playing again next week but it won't be as a full-time goalie. I am starting off as a spare, probably getting into a handful of games per month, until I see if I'm damaging my body and/or playing shitty. An agonizing reappraisal of my 'tending career will come at that time. All the best to you FIFTY-SIX.
  12. Free Cooper GM21 GLOVE NO LONGER AVAILABLE (August 13) I have owned this trapper for quite a while and have decided to pass it along. The leather is in very good condition, has been treated to keep it supple. The right side pocket has become a little floppy but no nasty smell and the interior is intact. As you can see the cuff label is missing but the back one is intact. You pay the shipping from Kelowna, BC V1Z 3C5
  13. Here is a blog which I composed for John Brown whilst I was performing a restoration on some old gear. I hope it may be of some assistance to anyone here doing something similar. https://blog.brownhockey.com/post/103907737224/restoring-old-leather-equipment
  14. Bunnyman, welcome to my world. I have come from 40 years of stand-up to my version of hybrid. You guys have seen my current gear, nearly 10 year old leather Battram gloves and pads that allow for some rotation, about as much as my highly modified body can handle. I am 70 this year, been a goaltender my entire life and still play with the young guys, young being a relative term (age 55+). I did your move in reverse, adapting my game to incorporate some butterfly over the past 20 years. Being 5' 7" it doesn't make a great deal of sense to go down on every shot directed towards the net plus many of you will find that age does have an adverse affect on a game based upon a steady flow of up and down moves (Breaking News!!!!!). I suspect that 30+ seasons of butterfly will lead to some nasty hip, back and knee issues so that many advocates are going to have trouble playing into their later years without making adaptations to their game. Have fun. Be mindful of your body. Keep your stick on the ice.
  15. I sold my entire set of BROWN gear to one person following knee replacement surgery a year ago. Included were my Model 2000CA, 2100 Series Pads, JB2200 Gloves and JB2000 Pants. Back around 2010 Scott Battram built me a set of all leather pads and gloves. That's what I'm wearing now. Is it sacrilegious to display Battram gear on a BROWN thread?
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