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TGN Spec X Optik 2


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I have two Opt1k blockers, and I gotta say that they are the lightest, hottest, best fitting, and most comfortable blockers I have ever had. One of them is an early-production model and the sidewall is much, much more flexible than the other one. Both are off-the-shelf items (although I purchased both used), so perhaps they recognized the sidewall deficiency and made a running change. The other interesting thing about the Opt1k blocker is how simple it is in both design and construction. When I took one apart, my initial thought was, "They're making a killing on this piece!" Contrast this with Brian's gloves, which are often the most "complicated" in terms of design and construction in the context of other manufacturers. My Opt1k glove proved this out when I took it apart. That said, Brian's gloves speak for themselves in terms of closure, comfort, durability and performance, and Brian's has a good formula figured out for blockers and gloves, in general. 

Enjoy your Opt2ks(?). I'll chime in about these in a couple years when I find some good, used options.

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