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Ultimate Lightweight Pro Set

Punisher Goalie

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I miss hockey. Although performance is always the top priority, I generally lean toward the lightest gear I can get my hands on. Started thinking about what is the ultimate lightest possible set of gear, head-to-toe, that can be built with stuff that's on the market now. I'm sticking with pro-level (top of the line) gear only to maximize protection as well. I'm aware that some senior-level gear can be lighter.

Here's what I think is the lightest possible set, I'm curios if others agree or disagree:

Mask: Bauer NME VTX (possible that Protechsport offers something lighter?)

C/A: Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon

Pants: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro or Supreme 2S Pro

Leg Pads: Warrior Ritual G5 Pro

Glove/Blocker: Warrior Ritual G5 Pro (possibly tied with GT2 Pro?)

Skates: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro or Supreme 2S Pro

Stick: Bauer UltraSonic (maybe Warrior R/M1 Pro+, not sure anyone has an actual weight yet?)

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