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Vaughn VE8 Pro carbon

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Hey guys,

I found some ve8 pro carbon pants that are a pretty good deal but haven’t had any experience with them or Vaughn themselves. I’ve done little research and Vaughn pants seem to be good to go as far as durability and protection.

I like to tuck in my chesty and these seem pretty set up for that with the open waist and I believe these have tabs to tie in knee guards. I can’t tell from pictures if they have internal belt or if I will need to use suspenders.

right now im trying to decide between warrior, ccm, Vaughn, or Simmons (which I am currently wearing) 

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I still have my Vaughn V7 Pro Carbons and have had no issues with them at all.  I think that a difference that I've seen is that my V7 has an internal belt where the VE8 does not.  I'm wearing an XL and don't tuck (for size reference I am 6'3" 225lbs), but I think that there would be plenty of room in them if needed.  Honestly I got these pants and have never really thought about them again. 

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8 hours ago, Max27 said:

if you like to tuck warriors could definetley work. very very very bulky though especially compared to supremes and ef shield pants

I’ll have to check them out some more but when I tried them on they felt awkward and had to many straps in the front and I didn’t really like the belly pad segmented feeling and there was no loop to tie the chesty into that I saw. 

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