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Should I buy Custom Ultrasonics or Custom Axis


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Hey all! I am currently a sophomore and need new gear going into junior season this year! I am currently wearing Premier 2 custom leg pads and I love them except for some cosmetic issues as they have begun to rip. I have a Reebok glove that I have used since my second year of u12’s so I need a new glove. And I have a ccm premier 1.5 blocker or something like that. I have had my eye set on Bauer’s ultrasonics for a long time! If I decide to go with those I will be doing the digital printcustom as my team’s jerseys are Teal, black, white, with a hint of grey. I am also looking at the axis as I have only worn ccm/Reebok since I first started. I really like the looks of the axis and the knee stack. (That is why I purchased premier 2’s, because of the different style of knee stack). I will be making my purchase in June, and I doubt by then the stores will be open for me to try both sets on. So any ideas on what I should do? These are what my leg pads look like that I got two years ago ⬇️⬇️⬇️

oh and any idea on custom skates? I have custom true skates and love them but heard ccm has better custom ones?


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Stores are already opening back up why not wait and try them on? I’m not sure where you live but you might be in luck soon. Spending that much I would want to look at them in person.

personally l don’t like Bauer pads simply because they look cheap to me. It’s something about the material they use but it doesn’t look like it would hold up. If you are totally reset on just those brands I would go with CCM. When I first started playing I had a pair of entry level skates from CCM and the tie cap under the cowling cracked and the tongue came out. I contacted CCM and they told me to go to my LHS and pick out any skates I wanted. Went and picked up a pair of CCM U+ light pros that are made in Canada and walked out. From then on I have always liked CCM and got their gear when I could.  I had a pair of 9k’s too and really liked them. 

possibly look at other manufacturers too like mentioned above. 

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11 minutes ago, Quadzilla32 said:

have you looked at the new G5’s? Suppose to be really light and slide super easily. 

Love my G5 set and recommend them highly!  Limiting myself to just Axis vs UltraSonic it's hard to say since very few people have seen either one up close, let along both.  The store I work at opens back up next week so hopefully we'll be getting stock on both lines in short order and I'll have a stronger opinion then.

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17 hours ago, Icebear32 said:

Thanks for everyone’s input! I live in Green Bay Wi and we don’t have a hockey store by us so I drive down to Madison Wi to their pure hockey store. I will have to see when they open to try them on! 

Good luck! I have a pair of Optik 2's that are currently in production, I can't wait!

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