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Jersey questions

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Hey guys,

not sure if this is the right place to ask but I didn’t see any other spots for jerseys. My favorite jerseys were the Reebok edge but they have stopped making them and I am trying to find an older kings (black,silver,purple) jersey and came across AK, SP, and Kobe. I have one or two AK jerseys but don’t really like the way they fit, they seem huge even for goalie cut. I haven’t had any experience with SP or Kobe, would any of these jerseys fit similar to the Reebok’s or am I SOL?


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17 minutes ago, Chenner29 said:

Some folks have said the GoalieMonkey jerseys are an identical cut to the old Reebok ones.

I didn't see a Kings colorway though


Ya I saw those and heard some good stuff just can’t find the colors I want. The hunt continues... 

thank you 

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1 hour ago, Colander said:

I did the latter - just put two new suspender buttons inside the pants - worked well.

 Care to explain how you did this? I like the look of tucking in my jersey but rock suspenders. And we all know looking cool is the most important. 

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Well, I don’t know how much to explain, but you can get suspender button sets at most fabric stores (wouldn’t be surprised if places like men's work clothing stores  or MEC have them as well*).

The buttons are sort of self-clenching: The “front” button has a pin that protrudes from it that you push through the fabric. The back button has a hole in it, so once the pin is passed through the material, you insert the pin into the hole and then give it a rap or two with a hammer. The video linked below explains it pretty clearly. In the case of my hockey pants, I had to use a cinder block and a piece of 2x4 as a backer for the button on the inside and then hit the button on the outside as I couldn’t get a good swing with my hammer to hit the button on the inside with the buttons buried as low as they were. At the risk of overstating the obvious I will add I only did the back two.

I am also including some pics of mine – first is the inside buttons with the suspenders attached. May not be clear so I will state the buttons are placed pretty well along the belt line. The second is the outer buttons in place and the final is just to show off my Husky suspenders.



*Sorry – can recall the American equivalent of MEC




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OK - for completeness I will add - I tell a lie! I remembered that not only did I install the back two, but added one on each side at the front. These are the RBK 9K pants, purchased in 2012. For some reason, it appears - only on the black pants (don't ask me why) - only one suspender button was provided on either side at the front, so you had to lap the two ends of  each of the the suspender loops onto one button. I fixed that at the same time as I put the inner button on the back.

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