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  1. Definitely gonna get. 580 next time. Even though it was the wrong hand for me, it just feels right. Even though its thumbs up, it feels more to me like the thumb helps close the glove more than a 590. Now its just to see if I want a double or single tee. I’ve heard they feel slightly different
  2. A.YOUNGoalie13

    2021 Playoffs

    Did you hear the guy who dropped an f-bomb in his super professional question? Mack was pissed.
  3. A.YOUNGoalie13

    2021 Playoffs

    I am sad. My Avs sold round two for the third straight year. Grubauer was godly. Mackinnon sucked large ass. I am very saf😥😥😥😢😢😢
  4. I agree except that vapor is more flexible forward and back and supreme is much stiffer forward and back. Vapor is stiffer laterally and supreme is more flexible laterally. Now if you liked supreme’s flex you can only get it at custom. The top half of these will be like vapor and the bottom half will be like supreme.
  5. I did it and got my code that’s how I know these skates are coming. This is the last year of supreme
  6. I am not sure how big of a secret this is but those new ugly neon green Bauer skates are not hyperlite or vapor at all. I work at a hockey store (so I am taking this straight from the Bauer catalog) and the new skates are replacing both supreme and vapor. It’s going to just be one goalie skate line with a pro model, elite model, and gsx. Stock up fellas, this is the last year supreme goalie skates will be around, and vapor is already toast!
  7. Closest I could get for 580 testing😂 you know the struggle😂😂
  8. May be the wrong had for me, but crazy excited to test out a real, original 580 that my goalie coach lent me to try on the ball machine. I tried closing it and it honestly feels like a 590 to me but he says you really feel the difference when actual catching something. Can’t wait to try it out!!!!
  9. I saw them... They seem nice just probably not for the guy who likes soft pads with super tight fit
  10. It being too soft? I mean, I’m also crazy flexible and could use stiff pads if I wanted to.
  11. Its not even that. I just don’t know if I would like them or not. I feel like thats a lot different than internal doubles and just a single outer
  12. Sheesh! Ruthless in the chat. I have thought about those, but external double breaks... dusty?
  13. I love my soft pads but nobody makes internal double breaks at retail anymore. Bauer doesn’t really do soft, just flexible
  14. I’m in Vaughns now with double internal breaks and a single outer break. Every brand seems to be going slightly stiffer, even with the “softer” lines. No clue what to do for my next set. I definitely cannot afford custom so looking at retail it will be either EFlex 5, V9, or the hockey shop custom axis (with an outer break. Goalies plus has EFlex 5s with double outer breaks but I’m not sure about double double breaks. Anyone got recommendations?
  15. Yeah that messes them up for me
  16. Well, there is another reason too that you know all to well seagoal, but do I really need to say it?
  17. I hope you find the glove for you! I’m not a 580 guy yet, but I hope to be soon👌
  18. Love the setup absolutely sick but 600? Com’on puckstopper I thought you were better than this😂😂😂
  19. Addison Ice Arena has stick n pucks and rat every week
  20. Doesn’t Bauer build a 580 clone for Reimer? I get that he is important because he is an nhler but that would show that they can build other stuff
  21. Has anyone ordered a clone through one of the bigger companies like ccm or whatever? If I don’t order a 580 I want to clone my koho 585 in a bigger size but I don’t really know what that process is like. Also, are their big upcharges for cloning?
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