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  1. Single break in gloves? I didn’t know gloves could be made with multiple breaks
  2. Vaughn xp is supposed to be a 590 clone
  3. Absolute unit right here. No lid issues because it ends up flush with the rest of the bottle.
  4. Didn’t you get the new bauers a few months ago? Already need new stuff?
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I know lankinen is good but the announcer hated on Delia so bad and he really played pretty well they just threw him in to a bunch of games where the team played awful for him
  6. Living in chicago, I hate the hawks broadcast team. Jamal Mayers and doofus one and two blamed delia earlier this year for a uncontested shot in the slot after blaming for another goal where 6’5 zadorov ran delia over. Add Eddie O to that dumpster fire and anything over two goals and you should be out of the league. Except for Lankinen. They must like him cuz they suck him off every night
  7. BAM! Axis 1.9 review. Kind of. More like general thoughts. But hey, peep if you are like me and don’t want to spend $200 plus on a twig. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLh64rkAPje/?igshid=i6l6zzjttbdo
  8. Normally a short sleeve guy, tried out two different long sleeves today and one helped a little, the other was too thin and didn’t much. I might try to pick up some sort of sleeve that is a little thicker than a shirt but thinner than a sweat band
  9. I thought of that, just need to figure out how and what foam I could use. The only spare foam I currently have is d30
  10. I totally would do that but brians sews their elbow pads in with elastic unlike how must other companies tie theirs in.
  11. 12 are not in true? Well for that start in LA. Everyone there is in vaughn
  12. Bob’s setup is really ugly. All white true pads, ccm glove and blocker with the color zones from last year which already didn’t match.
  13. Has anyone else that has or had a optik 1 chesty have a problem with the elbow cup rubbing on bone of your elbow. If you have you palms facing up, that bone that sticks out to the inside. I understand this would really only happen to a someone skinny like me but looking for a fix because it was super painful for an hour skate.
  14. I guess I’m just willing to try new things. I really want to get the true retail line when it comes and I know those will be expensive.
  15. I like the vapors over the supremes because they are tighter in the ankle, and allow me to get lower in my stance with the softer tongue. However, the name Bauer means +$1 million per set of skates and I’m starting to look at the ccm’s instead.
  16. Sounds like a salty quebec fan wanting their team back to me😂😂😂
  17. I agree with you on that its just I can see what this mask is and I don’t like what I see😂 The other one looks like a 6 year old’s drawing but at least looks uniform to me. Idk. My excuse is i’m full right. Different mind
  18. Davefart melted this Aves fan’s heart, with this mask I am far from a daveart fan but this is sick
  19. Oh, I mean, this is pretty bad. His other one is bad but I almost think this is worse
  20. His eyecandy masks were soooo much better. Every daveArt mask he has had with the exception of the stadium series one last year has been awful
  21. I love these. Some people may also remember when the kings wore yellow or purple jerseys like 7 years ago and quick wore the all brown setup with a waffleboard
  22. Just went to pure hockey and picked mine up! Super excited to try it out!
  23. My butterfly is extremely wide
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