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Bauer sizing issues


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52 minutes ago, cuprajake said:

Hey guys 

Need some sizing help as im in between sizes. Looking at blow out bauer s29 pads but i have a ftk of 19 that puts me in large int or small snr any ideas.

Im currently in a warrior gt 32+1.5


I've never worn Warriors... but I had 33+1 CCM EFlex with about a 19" ftk as well and Bauer's senior Small fit me very well. I'm not sure of specs on the S29 but if you felt you were hitting the bottom of the knee landing you could always slap on a heel strap to keep the pad rising too much while still letting the tune-fit stay loose.

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I think some brands differ between quality and technology between their senior and intermediate models, but the bigger consideration is intermediate is generally 10.5" vs 11" seniors.  Not 100% on Bauer's but that's the way most brands do it. I wear a Warrior G2 in 32+1.5 and could fit into an intermediate 32+1, but my legs are not struggling to move the pad around, so I am stuck on the seniors for now.  Although the thought of a lighter pad has been tempting when contemplating my next set.

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Well for me, yrs ago i had sara at paw make me a set, unknow to me they were 10.5" 

Ive ended up with int pads 32+1

Reason being

When i last had g4 they were 33+1.5 and way too big in the thigh rise, 

Secondly theres no 32+1.5 stock where i live, 

Ive gone snr gloves though, and will prob add a int liner, as ive been told that the gloves are 2" smaller overall, so i stuck with snr 

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