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  1. When someone mentions exceeds as vintage 😭
  2. They wont answer Warrior seem to have disappeared atm in terms of social media. Your sizing question there the same
  3. Nope. Same on the g4 its the binding of the glove. There made different to most other gloves. I did the same on my g4 no issues, as the original anchor points still used. Its just skate lace not the pocket attached to it. G4 for reference
  4. i have one of those, but not really suited to this job
  5. Im in the uk, so lacing needle near impossible 😂😂😂
  6. So other side is the same finish your pattern and weave the lace. Leaving the end of the tee loose to take impact. The tails go back through the disc, this is also plastic so perfect place to tie off. I leave length and tuck it in should i need to adjust. And the glove finished Hopefully this guide helps a few people out
  7. Now we start skate lacing the pocket. Not the easiest. But you will find your way. Theres a set pattern were you always miss the first loop and always come from behind. We need two new holes Once you're out of holes we next weave the pocket a bit as we're floating the tee and pull it back through where it was anchored originally Now we dont want it too slack, as it will loosen up.
  8. Next comes the main cutting. The tee is anchored in the actual binding cord of the glove. So we need to cut it. To release. Little cut And the tee is out and no harm the the main part of the glove.
  9. Hey guys Quick little guide for those wanting to skate lace a g5 glove. Its a little more involved than some gloves and has a little cutting Undo the knot, this is the ends of the pocket string Once pulled through you just pull all the cord through till you get to the end. This finishes inside the glove. You need to cut this on the outside and push it into the glove. Then you knot your skate lace and come back from the inside of the finger section And thats one side ready. The thumb side tails down inside the glove also. Again cut next to the glove and push through, for this section you need small needle nose pliers to help get the skate lace through. Again knot and pull through, i cut the hard end off the skate lace
  10. cuprajake

    G4 Thread

    be the thigh rise, can use a boot strap under the boot rather than the lundy loop
  11. Ive found catchers terrible for years now. Its been a long time since i put a glove on and found it good to close. Bar warrior. Ive had various brians gloves, tried ccm/bauer id say those two are the worst for it. It seems as manufacturing streamlines and gear becomes easier to make, the quality isnt there, but the price seems to stay the same. The new warrior g5 is a prime example most of the pics im seeing now show very wavey seams. The gt/g4 lines never did The ccm snr level gear is laughable, heavy cheap Was impressed with the new bauer 3s offering. But the material appeared cheap due to the nature of screen printing graphics, i doubt it was-just felt like that Sad thing means you have to jump to a smaller company, most time with no trial of their gear.
  12. Yeah. And thats the main point. Most of these guys are in pads reskinned. There not even relevant. Theres a vid where corey Schneider is talking about the 'new' gear and hes been in it for the last 4 to 5 yrs haha
  13. Everyone's making a massive deal over the whole ccm thing, Come start of season they will be back in ccm. Remember when they all tried the kenesky chest? In terms of joe public sales Lefereve only make a pro line, one thats more expensive than most. Ccm offer various price points, doubt they will loose much in terms of sales.
  14. cuprajake

    Warrior G5

    Ive found the opposite. I find ice much harder on pads etc
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