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  1. how do you find the g5 to the gt pads, are they alot stiffer or is the ankle flex still good? i wasnt a fan of the active drop on my g4 so the tighter leg strapping interests me
  2. Sounds like a bruise haha But i sleep wierd all the time, and it inflames my shoulder, google Bursitis
  3. Think its a quick. Much prefer the p31 bauer, or the ccm price
  4. Hi guys Being in the uk i cant try things Any experience with these sticks? I have a warrior cr1 but hate the curve Cheers jake
  5. dunno with travs stuff, both his brians and hi warrior softened up in the thigh you can see it on tape,
  6. cuprajake

    McKenney XPG1

    Always rated their ca, infact still in a fraken one
  7. i find vaughn smaller than the same size in ccm
  8. see this doesn't bother me, designers have been ripping designs off each other for years, look at the professor strap and its varying incarnations dont see anyone bashing kenesky cos they copied vaughn hell id love to drop $4k on custom gear like people do every year but its not viable, when there asking $700 for a catcher that may be some ones entire glove budget i cant remeber who it was but ive seen potvin designs and the like fly about etc. just dont see the big deal, everyone jumps on battram because he was a bit of a tit in like 2004 and has been judged ever since
  9. Padskins do a stuck on hard plastic you could use. Failing that ive always had fairly good success with industrial velcro. The soft loop side stuck to the pad. If your flashing the cash rollerfly is the way to go
  10. Mine were 11 also as i wondered after seeing the thread.
  11. cuprajake

    Lefevre going solo

    Sorry for having an opinion. Its relevent because the guy who designed it for the last 30yrs is now making his own, id guess with a hell of a lot less buying power too for materials. If were being arsey ive had Rbk p1 pro Rbk prem 2 pro return I was asked what id tried from the latest ccm offering. Bar the newest lines, ccm/rbk has hardly changed
  12. cuprajake

    Lefevre going solo

    Newest ive tried being uk based is the eflex 3.9 pads and a e4.9 glove I do have ccm pants which i love. Just not a fan of the pads
  13. I made a small slit in my ca just under the tie tab, then pull pant laces through and tie, bu since i lost a load of weight, my pants are huge so gone back to tucking with suspenders over the floaters
  14. cuprajake

    Lefevre going solo

    i know people loved ccm etc and this is a great venture for them, ive never understood the attraction to ccm gear, heavy, uncomfortable. for me any ways
  15. yeah, agree looking at the taper on warrior pants aswell as the flaps on the ca i think its an outie.
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