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  1. cuprajake

    Cordura Pads

    i had a full set made by paw, yrs ago. if you google cuprajake paw they will come up in images all red they were around 4lbs iirc 35" pad, i only used them for inline, but held up really really well.
  2. Hey guys I have a snr g4 glove but small hands and find the glove kinda big and hard to close esp when wet, so i got to thinking kf an intermediate glove. Question is. Is the whole glove smaller or just the internals? Im in the uk so cant try them on in store Jake
  3. cuprajake

    G4 Thread

    so before xmas i moved from g4 to gt's going for a smaller and slightly softer pad. one thing i have noticed though is the leg lock wrap thing seems to bind the back of the leg, when you crouch, were as the active drops attachment is softer and im wondering if thats the difference mit elasticate the top attachment
  4. ive tried loads of ca you will always get gaps, its a sacrifice do you want a tank or mobile? that was a freak shot, you could take a 1000 shots like that and never get hit there again.
  5. sorry not having that at all,
  6. one of the best goalies who will never win a cup.
  7. graphics have been copied for yrs, its like saying elastic strapping has been ripped off, all the big companies copy we just dont moan.
  8. I'm same atk and just dropped down to 32+1.5
  9. I was speaking to Chris Dudo and he said he was a 17.75 atk in 33+1.5
  10. What's your atk I'm 16.5 and moved down to a 32+1.5
  11. logos id of moved to the sides for a clean front, wether brians would allow that though...
  12. with the price you can pick up the bauer cowlingless skates for there prob now no need to convert a mako skate anymore
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