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  1. i believe my use of 'playing inline' helps to limit my cuts
  2. i was using elastic bungee cord 20 yrs ago on my roller pads, dam i wish i had the idea to be a crook, id of been ich, rich i tell you
  3. I dunno, if i saw the start of that then id of gone out of my way to find out the cause, thats something rubbing it, like sharp velcro. i use socks over my knee pads and there silky smooth and help rotation too. worst case have someone like paw make a small rectangle piece with a bit of foam in, some eyelets on the edge and tie it in over the damage,
  4. from trying the slr and eflex i would say there tight enough to cut off blood circulation
  5. it stops the pad lifting to an extent
  6. No boot strap or lundy loop for me. Just toe tie
  7. yeah both brians sets were custom, the first set (none sock) were too big, so i got the sock graphic set, they were built wrong, missed the knee rolls off completely, which turned the face all wrinkly. i loved the black g4, when i came to re order they only had white so no choice
  8. the early g4 landing knee wings were an issue but belive thats sorted now, best bit is removable palms lol, my brians broke down so quick too end of the day there all just foams in fake leather cases so its much of a muchness hahaha
  9. yeah ive heard the bauer blockers ping,
  10. i think the problem comes down to personal requirements, cost aswell the g4 catch glove i love, the thing snaps shut, i have small hands and it still snaps shut, theres a bit of time adjusting to the way the straps hold your hand. last week i ordered the gt2 catcher and sent it back, asward thumb angle and felt too big inside for my baby hands the g4 blocker, is light better finger proctection than any of my brians and id good enough, but im a blockers a blocker kinda guy the pads, i think id of been fine in a smaller pair of g4, i had the 33+1.5 and they were too big, so felt boxy in them, the active drop is a love or hate, the g4 feels alot looser on the leg than the gt, the gt leg channel you can feel hold your leg so, gives a more traditional feeling. im more than impressed and happy with my warriors, i use them for inline exclusively. no wear yet and i play atleast once a week, sometimes two. before that i had brians pads they were heavier, again ordered too big, felt bulky on the leg, id love to try the optiks, but alot of new thin pads seem to v in the middle on butterfly. i simply dont have the flexibility to rock the 1s or stiff pads like that
  11. the g4 is a better pad for a more butterly kinda guy, i found the stiffnee/size gave me hip pain, so moved to the gt with more torsianl flex fwiw theres not a massive difference between the two pads bar stiffness, the active drop left my outer hips/thigh exposed as the pads sat in on themselves a tad
  12. i came from brians, gnetik 2 then 3, and same with gloves, after these i ordered some vaughn slr pads, they were so tight i couldnt strap them to my leg and move, then i ordered some eflex3.9 again, super stiff, heavy after that i jumped to warrior g4 full set, gloves i loved, pads a tad too big, wasnt a fan of the active drop, but i play inline, for ice it would work better now im in a set of g4 gloves and gt pads, what i will say is if you look at someone like trav4oilers his pads have gone soft in the thighrise, but so did the brians he had, if you can do try them on your lucky, being in the uk i have very little choice but for me, warrior are making the best gear atm
  13. 6ft lol 5'9 on a good day, but with a belly
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