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Bauer 2020 960mask

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Hello guys 

some picture of my 2020 bauer 960 mask , I really like it , first time I choose a big brand mask and I like the foam it’s look incredible , less than one month i make a post between the 950x and nme IX but i had the chance to find this new mask at 25% discount so i jumped on 

size medium weight with cage 3lbs without cage 2.4lbs 

if you have any question or you want more picture let me know 







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11 minutes ago, mr_shifty1982 said:

I'm getting it as well found it 25% off on Hockey Supremacy. 

Looks like it's only comes in White, and has a wider fit now.

exactly where i bought it ! seriously hockey supremacy have all year long super good deal , its the best canadian website 

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