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Wrist strap modification for more mobility (Vaughn V6 1100 catcher)


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It was some time since I last used my V6 1100 glove which I like a lot. It suits my catching style and is like butter to close but thick like practise palm almost.

Now I got it with me a week ago or so and for the first time with my Brown C/A. I immediately noticed a problem with wrist strapping that is made using leather strap and with one piece cuff it is moved towards wrist. It felt very stiff and also it did take a heavy contact with C/A wrist that pushed the glove out of my hand.

Ok so that needs to be solved out and the glove did have some other minor issues that I haven't had reason to fix earlier but those were waiting.

So here's how it was before, added that the leather strap went through that buckle on the right to make it easier to tighten.


Next picture is of the ready made thing.

The leather strap did go through the Jenpro under wrist, but not through the whole cuff which might save the plastic. Compared to CCM...

The wrist padding was sewn all the way around as can be seen from the holes that remain there.

The leather strap is a bit awkward to tighten now so I might change it to a nylon one or sew it to some point to make it fixed. I added two jenpro loops to hold the strap at place as it originally was very much fixed there through the cuff.

I also did add a few sew runs at the point where wrist padding is contacting the grey palm material as that is where the stress will be from now on.


I'll add some story about the other fixes made but there was nothing fancy or special with those.


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Bunch of pictures which do tell the tale better than my words.

Bad quality picture of the finger side edge, classic spot to wear through. That wasn't yet but I got it ahead.


Small re-enforcements to boot of the T.


Usually the palm part is ok but this one needed some too. Design flaw here as both sides are through jenpro but the two most crusial holes are without. Double 3mm holes punched to give room for a double lace.


Last one is for the finger protector on backhand side. The tab was aligned straight out of the binding while it shoud've been something like this.


Now it should be good to go back together and then to test the new style wrist strapping. 

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I can't imagine anything else but they had some sort of idea to strap the wrist in a locked in style. This same style is used in LT90 too which I also have. And while not this bad it is still having the issue. I just had the glove apart and didn't fix this strapping then so it'll wait until I have time to do it. That LT90 glove is a bit different as it's 2 piece cuff design.

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Took my time to go and look at that LT90  wrist strap. It didn't interfere as much as that V6 did and the reason is clear, it's attached to the wrist plating from one side which gives room for the sleeve to fit in. But being so it's also a bit more towards the wrist. Being a two piece glove it'll need some thinking before doing anything. That sand colored pillow there is attached to the cuff at wrist end of the part only so I cannot do the mod here like the V6 was done.

Got the V6 ready today and I like it even more than before. The added mobility to the wrist is very nice and allows for better angles of the glove.


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I have this glove too. While I wouldn't say the palm protection is anywhere close to what I would expect from a practice palm, it is best senior glove I've ever used. Closes perfectly, has proven shockingly durable, and vacuums pucks. The wrist strap was always an emigma to me, though. Like it kinda works but also kinda lands in the wrong place on my wrist/hand to really do anything super useful. Always just figured I had a weird sized hand or something. So it's good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way! Nice mod -- will consider it.

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To comment to a comment about a comment I wrote. I've added a layer of padding to my V6 palm and finger area earlier when I refurbished it for the first time to further increase the protection. That's behind the "close to a practise palm". Not to say it was lacking protection before but maybe time and use had taken it's part off. Now it's good enough for me to take moderate slapshots in without pain.

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It did work a lot better already but I think it'll be even better as soon as I change the strap. The leather strap has to go, it's not useable in this setup with it's hole specific tightening and it's not easy to tighten and lock with one hand. Nylon is the way to go here. Just have to find myself a buckle there and it's about that far from being done.

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That did take a while to accomplish but after I got the buckle and nylon strap it was like 15 minutes and done.

Two places to sew first the buckle to the end of the strap and then setup the strap and buckle to right position so that it is easily tightened with one hand. Sew the strap to the wrist padding, in the picture right next to my thumb where there is a original sew there so it was easy job and it didn't change the wrist padding at all. 


And this is how it looks now. Just like any glove nowadays except for those Boa ones. Though my skinny wrist is a bit thin so the padding is just that much too big but it's not a big problem.


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