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Brian's GNetik / Heritage Glove Backhand Modification


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I have an easy, reversible (although I can't imagine why I would do so) modification that allows the backhand protection on Brian's GNetik I-III and Heritage gloves to open up and away from the finger stalls. This will allow you to more quickly and thoroughly dry the glove, as well as allow you to properly sanitize the glove if and when you choose to do so.

Tools & Materials

  • 1 inch nylon webbing: 5 inches or so
  • 1 inch plastic loop/buckle
  • 1sq inch of Jenpro or similar 
  • Speedy Stitcher w/ waxed thread
  • Needle nose pliers

The photos basically tell the story:

  1. Unlace some of the backhand so it can clam-shell
  2. Sew in the plastic loop using the nylon webbing. The Jenpro acts as a backing piece to prevent the thread from pulling through the relatively light nylon that it's sewn into

The Velcro for the cuff portion can now retain both the cuff and the backhand. While not a articulate as the Optik backhand, this mod gets the job done.

I cannot say or think about this enough: GNetik-based gloves are incredible puck-eating devices. This is the only glove that lured me away from the incredible Velocity 1. I can't go back.








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