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CCM graphics going down hill? what new full set to purchase


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I've been trying with the axis customizer for a little while now and I can't really get any good coulour ways out just doesn't look good at all, from what I've seen with the new flex 5s dosent look too amusing ether.  the ultra sonic looks decent but hopefully the new Bauer 2xpro line will have some nice colour ways too.  I am wondering if you guys have any sugestions on full sets I should be on the lookout for in spring 2021 anything from warrior to Vaughan pretty much any company that is bringing out something new that's more of a butterfly type pad and has a 580 glove option 

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1 hour ago, coopaloop1234 said:

So CCM, True, or Bauer Ultrasonic?

That's about it for your options for a 580 glove.

Beat me to it Coop... and the Bauer UltraSonic is iffy as a real 580 feel. 

@goaliegearfanatic31 what you're describing with the need for a 580 glove is the exact reason I ended up selling my true design 2X Pro... and why I landed on CCM or Lefevre (True) only. Wanting bigger rebounds... it was Axis or L20.1... and I ended up in Axis. Not sure what color scheme you're working with but Axis color zones can be made busy or minimal. Oddly... even though L20.1 has fewer color zones than Axis.. I had a tougher time doing a minimal looking L20.1 as what are available just break up the pad differently. 

I like a "complete" set myself... so didn't want to mix brands or models... but I'd also suggest playing around with potentially different use of color zones on the mitts than on the pads. 

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2 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Yea, the Ultrasonic is this weird mix of a 75 and 90 degree break. Definitely one of the more unique gloves out there.

I love how it catches, there's something unique and great about it. It's probably the most unusual glove I have ever tried to shoot with though. I don't know if that's the carpenter or the tool... but I agree it's unique

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