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Bauer bumps in True 2-Piece skates

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Just wondering if anyone has experience with true skates (preferably 2-piece) and bauer bumps. Was True able to make the boot in a way that accommodated the bauer bumps? I currently have CCM AS3 and play college hockey so I'm on the ice almost daily year round and my skates have started to bother my feet where I have the infamous bauer bumps. My bauer bumps are pretty prominent so I'm thinking True customs are the way to go but just wanted to hear from any of you that have experience with that. 

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I have a pretty big bump as well and have had zero problems with the fit, performance or comfort of the True skates prior to adding a Bauer holder, however the craftsmanship was less than ideal. The liner was slightly peeled from the glue when I first got them, which was annoying but completely cosmetic because they still perform great and are the best skates I've ever had. Would definitely recommend.

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I don't have Bauer bumps, but do have crazy wide feet any my True's are the most comfortable skates I've ever worn, and it's not even close!  The finish and appearance of custom Trues have come a long way since I got mine 4 years ago.  I had no complaints with mine, but it was apparent that they were handmade.  The most recent ones that come through the store look like any other skate.  TBH I kind of miss the rough edges.  I felt like they gave the skates character.

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I just sort of noticed this, and I believe that I have the bump on my left foot and got it from my Bauers 2x. The left skate though fitted better than the right one.  This might be Haglunds though and not the bauer bump, it's at the back. Not a big noticeable bump, just pain when running, and can feel it at times. 

Anyone else treating? What are you doing? I can usually feel it more when I'm running, discomfort and pain. I just didn't think it was a big deal.  Now it's pissing me off. 

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