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CCM Pro Return Chipping


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Hey everyone,

I'm posting this on behalf of my buddy who recently bought a pro return CCM stick.  He's used in 4 times and there is already a significant amount of of chipping and cracking on the outer most exterior surface.  There is of course no warranty because it is a pro return, he knows this.  This is just more out of curiosity about how common this is or what your experiences are with these twigs.  

Here are some pics.


It was this dude's






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5 minutes ago, ThatCarGuy said:

Its a stiff ccm stick thing. Happened to tons of P2s and Axis sticks but oddly not Eflex.

I thought this stick was painted, but on the close-up pics it does not appear to be painted.  I imagine painted sticks chip easier?

This is a P2 stick, not sure if that's obvious (I don't know CCM sticks well) but I did not say so in the OP.

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