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CCM to ? (Not sure if I posted in right area, I'm new)


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I'm currently using a full EFLEX 5 set. I'm a fan, been wearing EFLEX since EFLEX2s, and continue to get the successor each time they release. As I have progressed to more fast-paced gameplay, I feel as if the EFLEX 5s aren't cutting it for me. The rebounds don't pop off the blocker unless I bring my hand out and lead with it, each time, or track it and follow through. If I am screened, and the puck hits my blocker, it won't bounce as far or high as I have noticed for other blockers, often close by for a juicy rebound. As for the pads, I enjoy them but the sliding is not great.. (maybe this has something to do with Leferve departing, not sure, not the biggest gear nerd). The pads seal nicely and I am pretty flexible so I have anything but a narrow butterfly, but sometimes closure is a real battle, even with a looser toe tie to give the pad more slack (I think). I play a flexible, Carey Price modeled (shocker), but now more Logan Thompson esque gamestyle. Would love for rebounds to come off my pads nice, never really tried anything too stiff so open to all options, not really familiar with anything other than the EFLEXs. Thanks for reading. I appreciate any and all feedback/comments. 

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If you want to stick with something along the lines of Eflex from when it was by Lefevre, you should probably move over to True. If you want really hot rebounds, my understanding would be that Bauer would be a good option. 

If you happen to be selling the Eflex 5s, what size and colour scheme are they?

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I have both CCM EF5's and Bauer Hyperlites.    I'm currently wearing the CCM set almost exclusively, as the softer landing area/knee block causes me less issues with the knee I had surgery on, but the Bauers definitely slide a little better and have noticeably hotter rebounds.  I spec'd the Bauers with stiffness between an Ultrasonic and Hyperlite and feel like it's a good balance of flexibility and stiffness.    One thing I did with the CCM pad to improve sliding was to have them built with weave instead of speedskin, and with that tweak they definitely are a better sliding pad than the EF4 that I used previously.  

A few random thoughts/concerns:

  • If closure is an issue for you, Bauer may not be the best.   They're very much a one size fits most pad, but I don't like not being able to add an extra inch to the top to help with closure.
  • If you want to try to improve your sliding on the EF5's, search for 3M paint film mod on these forums.   This is a relatively easy, inexpensive mod that many are swearing by.  
  • A sheet of lexan inserted in the face of your blocker may help with rebound hotness.  These two mods would me much cheaper than a new set of pads.  
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