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Thank You Brown 2000 Jock


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I have been using this John Brown 2000 jock since around the year 2001. I just retired it this past week.


I wanted to write a proper memoriam to this fine piece of gear:

The year was 2001, the WTC were recently attacked and I was living just outside NYC in Bergen County. I had just started playing ice hockey as I just started working a real job and got a real paycheck. I was playing in a weekly pickup game in a figure skating studio rink with a bunch of businessmen. They'd give me gift cards every 10 week session for being their regular goalie. The games were crappy and the guys playing were just old guys wanting to play.

This was my first purchase. I don't recall the hockey shop that they gave me gift certificates to (not cards then). It was a mom and pop shop in a downtown. Vintage gear mixed with new. I wish I could recall the name of the place. I'm sure it's gone today.

This was my first piece of gear from a brand that I saw so many NHL goalies wear. A name that was used by guys like Fuhr and Hextall. 

I took many shot to this on the ice and on the roller floor. It did it's job so well that I was able to create the two greatest things I ever made, my kids.

The John Brown 2000 Jock not only prevented my injuries, but it saved many lives. My kids will go onto great things. Have families of their own. Create my grandkids. Who knows, someone down the line from me may be the President or a doctor that saves more lives.

All of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the John Brown 2000 Jock.

My family, and the future of this world, thanks you for your craftsmanship and your fine gear.

RIP old friend.

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9 hours ago, mik said:

@MTH You definitely should write another review (no matter what piece of equipment), long time since Passmore blocker :D. 

I have some gear that could be properly reviewed like the Passmore blocker. Tough to replicate that one...

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