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The now old debate, Speedskin or emboss?


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I'm getting a pair of custom axis 2 pads, and I'm switching from ultrasonics. The question is, on the axis 2's, should I get speedskin or emboss(weave) on the sliding surfaces? I'll probably have to add snowseal either way to come close to the smooth sliding of bauers (Single tear).

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17 hours ago, ZeroGravitas said:

Emboss. I have Axis 2 with emboss and they slide noticeably better than my EF4 with SS. Could try putting 3M tape on them.

Literally everything he said matches my experience.   Hoping to finally get on the ice tonight for the first time since adding 3M tape to the weave sliding surface of my EF5's, but they were already good sliding pads.   My EF4's were dogshit. 

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