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Skate fitment questions

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After using my x700s for awhile they are now on their way out. Every time I cranked them tight I would feel an incredible amount of pressure on the arches of my feet.

looking into purchasing some used skates and have some questions.

1) where did this pain come from?

2) Would FT2s fit better / release from my pain of the x700s?

3) if I buy a pair of used True customs and bake them would they be fine or just leave them be?

4) any suggestions on what skate to get?

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That’s my biggest problem, I have no access to try on skates.

I was thinking about picking up a like new pair of Canadian made FT2s if the skates are the same size then what should be the problem?

My big worry is dropping close to 300$ on skates just for them to no fit well.

 As I’m reading about the FT2s I see that they came out in 2019. Is it worth to try and get a used pair of ultrasonics or should I keep with these?

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Unfortunately skates, like masks, are going to be unique for everyone based on their physiology

EX: @ZeroGravitas are brothers with similar foot profiles (high volume, high instep, semi wide feet). 
Both have owned custom Trues.  He tried Konekt and stuck with them.  I tried Konekt and couldn't use them.

You'll either have to do a lot of trial and error, or go the custom route. 

In talking with Rance @ The Goalie Crease, True's scanner app is available to everyone now.  It's a high cost item but if you're having issues it's the way to go IMO

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