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Jersey tuck with Suspenders


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I poked 2 holes through the back of my pants in a seam. I put in a rubber washer on the outside of the pants and ran a skate lace through the holes and tied it off on the backside. I could have probably just attached the suspenders to the skate lace on the inside of my pants. However,  I fabricated this little jenpro tab to run the suspenders through because I also added a clip (as you can see in grey) that I attach my chest protector to as well. This allows me to tuck my jersey while wearing suspenders and having my chestie clipped to my pants.  I am going on 3 seasons with this mod and I haven't ran into any issues so far. I initially tried attaching the suspender buttons to the inside of the pants as shown in the video above but I fell on my back and the button cut my back a bit so I removed it and did the current mod. 

pants mod 1.jpg

pants mod 2.jpg

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