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FS: CCM Axis 2 Set and Bauer Hyperlite C/A


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Full CCM Axis 2 Total Custom Pro Set

Colors: White/Washington Blue/Red

Pads: 32"+2

Single Internal/No External break, Shallow Soft Boot, Under Heel Boot Strap, Weave on the sliding surface.

Replaced the CCM bungee toe ties with ProLaces. Removable outer knee wing included.

Minor wear on the top of the thigh rise (shown in picture) and on boot strap attachment

Glove: 591 break, Pro palm. Broken in to close similar to fingers-to-palm closure.

Blocker: Straight finger protection, Half-piece cuff

Used 8 months 2x/week. Regularly aired out after games.

$1000 USD + shipping for the whole set. Ships from Houston, TX

Bauer Hyperlite C/A - SOLD

IMG_7119.thumb.jpg.f2638da0f4c91ae13a37d57cfe61b08f.jpg IMG_7123.thumb.jpg.54be2b57aa5ebd35d61684f6225b6a89.jpg IMG_7120.thumb.jpg.612bb78cb5b26f078457a2834436eeea.jpg IMG_7122.thumb.jpg.3d2d86971e1227041f2abc1c05308df8.jpg IMG_7121.thumb.jpg.5b83556c70569c84532f30ff06366d37.jpg IMG_7116.thumb.jpg.36befd6e38548582c30804f047ddf9f9.jpg IMG_7117.thumb.jpg.dafc5e9fb0fccf55154df95c3a9f18fc.jpg IMG_7118.thumb.jpg.f8cdeebbfedd9a1c41d3c76f0f7ae8e6.jpg IMG_7113.thumb.jpg.f0abd0bab24c9c9a4fb3888a3877d0ec.jpg IMG_7114.thumb.jpg.37fca81fa8ccb2f08a268df839af1c6f.jpg IMG_7115.thumb.jpg.915a8891c9a296053ba07443d4ab4839.jpg   

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C/A Sold + price drop
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