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PadsTracker 2013 - 10 years later, where are we at?


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15 minutes ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

How’s turning 20 in April for qualification?

And I only ever play forward in mens league, perfect for observing lots of gear when I’m jamming annoyingly at rebounds

So qualify for men's league, but not beer league. 

USA drinking laws are weird. 

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2 hours ago, MTH said:

High School goalie playing against my son last night was full Warrior.

I presume his parents picked it all out for him.

For a while there I assumed that you saw a lot of Warrior at the beer leagues because it was cheaper and came with knee pads. 

Now that neither of those things are true, we can remove those possibilities and just make the claim that he likes the gear lol


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