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  1. The coupon popped-up on Facebook — 25% off your first order if you join their mailing list. Thanks for the link to the duty reimbursement, but it looks like most of the fees charged at the border relate to sales taxes collected by the Cdn government
  2. I’ll respond to my own thread, since I decided to order a Hoapa stick just for fun after finding a 25% off coupon. Here are some observations: 1. This feels like a 2X clone in terms of weight, shape and finish. My cheap kitchen scale shows that a 25” (taped) 2X stick and a 27” (not taped) Hoapa have the same weight, around 630g. 2. Blade shape and size are virtually identical. 3. The 27” Hoapa paddle is about 2.5” longer than a 2X 25” paddle. This would be a stick for only the tallest of goalies. 4. The shape and thickness of the paddle where it meets the shaft is almost the same on both sticks — the 2X might be a little thicker. 5. The Hoapa is a gorgeous stick, and can be ordered in unusual colours. In terms of options, Hoapa really needs to do some work if it wants to expand the goalie side of its business. The forward sticks have a bunch of options that players can choose from, but the goalie stick only comes in a P31 curve and a 27” paddle (which is closer to 27.5”). Their website never specified how they measure their paddle length, so I was assuming that a 27” Hoapa would actually be closer to a 26” Bauer, since only a small percentage of goalies would choose to go with a full 27”. I was wrong ... They do offer some choices for grips: Standard, Gloss, Matte and “sharkskin” for the shaft, and no grip or sharkskin grip for the blade. I chose the “standard” grip for the shaft, so the entire length of the shape is actually pretty grippy. They did am outstanding job in this area, since visually you can’t even tell that you go from a glossy paddle to a grippy shaft. Because of these limited options, I can assume that when an order arrives, they can just take a stick off the shelf, apply the appropriate grip, stick on a namebar, and ship it off. This explains the phenomenal delivery time: 9 days from order date to delivery in Canada. I unfortunately can’t speak about its durability or performance, since rinks haven’t yet reopened in my area. In terms of price, I paid the company $210 Canadian, but was dinged another $40 when the stick had to clear customs, so the grand total was $250 Canadian all included. For comparison, the 2X is currently about $350 with taxes. Pros: - lightweight - quality design and great colours - rapid delivery Cons: - limited customization options - 27” default is too long for the average goalie - regular price is too high TBD: - Performance & durability
  3. Abraham Simpson


    I was looking for some relatively inexpensive custom twigs, when I came across a company called Hoapa. It looks like they’re based in Taiwan, and started selling sticks under their own name in 2019. Anyone have any experience using these? They claim their 27” sticks weigh only 695g, and as far as I know, it’s the only company that offers hot pink as a colour option: https://www.hoapahockey.com/products/hg1-sr-stick?variant=17985562017863 Despite the novelty, I ended-up ordering a few Christians...
  4. Based on a sample size of one, they seem very willing to make things right. I’m sure they’re learning from this, and will be correcting their manufacturing and ordering process to ensure this doesn’t happen again, since they won’t stay in business long if they keep producing two sets of pads for the price of one.
  5. About 16 weeks for the first pair, and 12 for the second.
  6. I specified that BLACK lacing be used through the welting of our custom 2X Pros, but Bauer unfortunately used white lacing — hardly a deal-breaker, but I still notified Bauer of this snafu. Everything else on the pads was perfect, and we’ve been using these white-laced pads since October. I would have been ecstatic getting a $50 gift card as compensation for the error, but instead they redeemed themselves and sent us a new set of pads with the correct BLACK lacing. Nice to see a company stand behind their work to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  7. Lower lie worked for us — switched to a P20 from a P31 (13 lie vs 14), and now the whole blade is making contact with the ice instead of just the heel. Useful for goalies who are often crouching down to look through traffic.
  8. My post must have been prophetic, since the 960xpm is in Pro Hockey Life's clearance bin this week -- just ordered it for $350 less than last week's price.
  9. Does anyone know if Bauer is planning on updating/tweaking its 960xpm mask in the next 12 months? I need to invest in a new bucket before next season, and was wondering whether a new model might be in the offering (in which case I could get the 960xpm at a discount).
  10. Great story (in French) on Lefebvre, from their beginnings (how they modified some Koho pads for Roy in 1992-93), to their future plans (they intend to be in the NHL next season, and will introduce their first chesty): https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1455591/chronique-martin-leclerc-hockey-famille-lefebvre-equipement-gardiens-jambieres?depuisRecherche=true
  11. Kid’s first skate with the 2X Pros after 15 months with the 1S. Initial impressions: 1. Very lively rebounds. We opted with the stiff thigh flex on the 2X Pros — definitely stiffer than the 1S, but the 1S pads may have softened-up a lot over the past 15 months. 2. Given the thin profile of the 2X you’d think the pads would be lighter than the 1S, but in fact they’re more heavy by about 8 oz. 3. Glove is definitely game-ready. About the same as the current condition of the 1S, but the latter required 15 months of use, and a lot of baking, to reach that state. 4. Terrific controlled rebounds off the blocker, but much quieter than the ultra-loud 1S blocker.
  12. Arrived today — black/orange/silver colour scheme (just in time for Halloween). We got a decent deal: $0 for the custom options, and 15% off the whole set because we bought three pieces of gear.
  13. My gear (finally) landed in a warehouse about 2 hours away, so I should have it by tomorrow. I'm willing to look past the 18 (!) weeks for delivery, but Bauer needs to do a better job communicating with its customers. I had to keep bugging Bauer to give me an expected delivery date, and after each date had passed, I had to bug them for a new date. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure the quality of the product will make me forget about all the tedious delivery delays ...
  14. The wait wouldn’t be as bad if Bauer would make it easier to get real-time updates. Knowing whether the gear is “Being Assembled” or “In Transit” can offer a clue as to whether I can expect to wait another 5 days or 5 weeks. This would also allow me to know how many more layers of duct tape to use on my kid’s 1S pads to prevent them from disintegrating mid-game.
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