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  1. Louisville (TPS) gear died with Wilcox leaving. Probably someone trying to ride the name.
  2. Have you tried a Nash version? It bolts in and has a jenpro backing that doesn't rip
  3. This is obvious! Level of all gear - Pro New gear every time it on sale
  4. Pro hockey life Goalie month 20% off non MAP
  5. 2nd that. But if you want to move up to his pro carbon level it is bomb proof. Note his cats eye has an extra thick center bar, but if you have a Bauer profile cage it will fit the 906 model
  6. I liked the padding, cut off the cap
  7. If you want to go off the shelf, I have 2 options that work for my similar neck size: 1- get the elastic lengthened 2 - remove the elastic and sew into you chest protector.
  8. Anyone near Oshawa (they take trades also): Crows Sports
  9. Speaking of CCM - does anyone know where I can get a foam kit for a CCM Pro?
  10. Try here https://fixmygear.com/collections/goalie-accessories-pads
  11. it was actually the Premier 2 I have https://www.prohockeylife.com/collections/senior-goalie-sticks/products/ccm-premier-2-pro-sr-goalie-stick?variant=12061446864970
  12. As a fellow weirdo have a look at the Crawford CCM little more curve than the P31
  13. try these guys https://www.hockeydogs.com/
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