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  1. Yes. The NYR Heaton 3 32in pads are still available. My email is goalieworld35@gmail.com
  2. Does this make Keeps33 the enemy now??
  3. Your ad hominem statement just brought back memories of the good old GSBB days. Thanks.
  4. goalieworld35

    Vaughn V9

    Every year I become less and less a Vaughn fan.
  5. Definitely agree with your statement. I don't know what it is but a Harrison always stands out. I have an Eddy CK that has the same triangular vent shape yet looks totally different than the Harrison in JoshAbrams pic.
  6. I still see equipment that still look new yet the toe/inside boot area is worn/ripped through. So IMO I cant say its better unfortunately.
  7. Thanks for the info. I was a bit disappointed with it being a senior model, you can tell the difference in quality of jenpro btwn the glove and blocker, but then I say to myself that a senior model, especially made by heaton, is a helluva a lot better quality than the "pro" gear of today that is made overseas.
  8. So true. And so disappointing because as you stated, even though the board was no longer active I was still able to go there and search for anything and everything goalie equipment. Still cant believe I got the dreaded http 404 not found page when I was gonna search about these Heatons. :-(
  9. I almost had the opportunity to get my hands on one a few years ago. All white and very well taken care off. Sadly the guy disappear on me after a few messages.
  10. Good morning gents, Just received new to me Heaton 5 glove and blocker. I've always been a Vaughn loyalist but have always been curious about Heaton/Brian equipment. Through the years of playing have worn an entire set of Brian's and a Heaton glove. Anyways, just curios if I can get info about the H5 glove. Since everything of the GSBB has been wiped off the face of the internet I was able to fine Heaton information here but not what I was looking for. I've inserted pics of both the glove and blocker. The glove is 4700 model and blocker is a 6700 model. Was the 4700 a senior version made
  11. I think it was the last update that change the whole look of the place. Then posting became an issue and so on and so on.
  12. Moto and Thumper made The Hot Stove thee happening place on the intraweb.
  13. Is this still available? If so can you e mail me at goalieworld35@gmail.com or text 917-714-3859. Thanks.
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