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  1. up until this, the Islanders only had 3 goalies under contract. Hopefully Schneider can regain confidence in his hip/groin.
  2. What knee & thigh pads are comfortable and compact? I don't need or want the NHL/Swiss ones.
  3. wvuviv30

    Vaughn V9

    Has anyone used the V9 leg pads? What are your thoughts and what 'simple' changes would you do?
  4. How's the D30 implemented?
  5. That wasn't them image I wanted to quote.... Here's the picture:
  6. I picked up a batch of 2S-Lite Pro Stock sticks and noticed that this Pro uses Halak's curve (Jaro Halak is stamped on the blade die). I love the Halak curve, I wonder if I can order my own sticks with the Halak curve in the future.
  7. Is that Gray or "Matte Silver"?
  8. Do you have a picture of what Brian's uses?
  9. Is there a nice picture floating around that shows the curves? Any curve close to a Bauer P34.
  10. Lets build a database on CCM composite custom Pro goalie sticks. CCM only makes a handful of curves and a lot of goalies share. Post a Pic of the name plate and the Curve. Nameplate Coding; this is what I've found available at the 'retail custom' level: Line 1 - Curve: 125-1 (Holtby), 142-3 (Price), 155-1 (Loungo), 163-0 (Montreal 33), 182-2 (Crawford), 132-3 (Price 2018) Line 2 - Paddle/shoulder shape; REG = Standard, STE = Steep (Price) Line 3 - Size; 24"-27" (in .5" increments ) Line 4 - Player's profile/stick build
  11. All the Quick curves I've seen have been pretty shallow. I would think the Holtby (125-1) would match. If you want to compare the Bauer P31, then the Crawford (182-2) is close.
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