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  1. I’m looking for a good home for these classics. Shipping from Ontario.
  2. Matt35

    Lefevre going solo

    I’m curious to also see how and where the gear will be available to the public. Will it be in stores or will they go the Passau type route?
  3. It’s a ton of fun with the smaller ice surface. Lots of shots, they used to keep track, the most I had in a game was 75. A lot of odd man rushes, penalties are penalty shots, and you get to play the puck a lot too. I’ve got two empty netters so far and just missed another one a couple weeks ago. You just have to not beat yourself up over letting in goals, cause it happens.... a lot!
  4. Thanks! It looks quite familiar!
  5. That’s right. It’s about 2/3 the size of a regular rink. No face offs, offensive team just clears the blue line for goals and goalie freezing the puck. It’s a different game but a lot of fun.
  6. A few pics from a shinny game at the 3on3 rink I play at. Not sure how many of you have a 3on3 rink near you, but it makes for some wild hockey!
  7. I was at a goalie shop a couple years ago trying on pads and the Vaughn rep happened to walk in. It was just before the VE8’s were released and he said he had a demo pair in his trunk and asked if I wanted to try them on. Once I had them on he said they were the pair Martin Brodeur wore in the McDonalds commercial. I felt like such a kid and couldn’t believe I was wearing pads that Brodeur wore. It was pretty cool!
  8. Matt35

    Tucker Tydan injury

    After it happened I got in touch with the guy that ran Tuff n lite hockey. I tried going on their website yesterday, but I think they closed down. He did a lot of custom stuff for pro’s. We tried coming up with a few ideas but covering the inside of the knee was a bit tricky. He ended up sending me a few 9”x9” squares of cut proof material that I tuck into the top of my cut proof socks and wrap around my knee. Then I wear base layer pants on top to hold the squares in place. My knee pad helps keep it in place too. It works pretty well but I’d like to find a better solution. All the cut proof base layer pants out there leave too many spots unprotected.
  9. Matt35

    Tucker Tydan injury

    Such a crazy incident. Hope he has a full recovery. A couple year’s ago I managed to kick the inside of my left knee with heel of my right skate during a scramble in front of the net. I kept playing for few minutes and then noticed the blood all over the ice. I only ended up with a few stitches but I just missed vein. I was super lucky. I actually played against the team it happened against last night, and one of their guys was asking me about it. I wear Cut proof protection now. I think this is something that gets overlooked too much when it can be such a serious situation.
  10. I was about to do that, but they ended up arriving today!
  11. So I ordered a set of Pro Laces and I received an email saying they shipped on Nov 11. I still haven’t got them. I sent a couple emails and have got no response. Has anyone one else experienced this? From what I have read their customer service is top notch.
  12. Seems like a different attachment piece on the top/side of the skate. It seems like a larger Velcro/attachment and seems to be on the side versus on top.
  13. I haven’t seen a glove opened up like that before. Better wrist mobility I guess.
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