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  1. Matt35

    Vaughn PVE

    I used my glove for the first time with the strap mod (pictures above) and it was awesome. I was able to tighten the strap across the back of my hand and had full range of movement in my wrist. Definitely a big improvement.
  2. Yea that’s Hart. Good to see a black based set in Philly!
  3. I don’t get Rask and Howard wearing all Vaughn but mixed graphics. Seems off, but to each their own. Millers pads for the win!!!
  4. Ingoalmag’s post on IG confirms that. It also says what he wanted to do. It’s worth the look, but disappointing to see what he can’t wear.
  5. I came across this post on IG for hockeyprotraining. Pretty spot on and he’s worth the follow.
  6. Warming up is good before a game. Maybe try to keep your routine and mindset the same as before a practice. Stay loose, stay relaxed.
  7. We have all definitely been in your position at one point or another. I find when we practice we take the pressure off ourselves a bit, try new things, practice technique, and not worry as much if a puck gets by us. But when it’s a game and we know we have to stop every puck we put pressure on ourselves, over think what we’re doing, and worry too much about the outcome. I know I used to hype myself up so much for a game I wasn’t really focused and played poorly making mistakes that led to goals. It took years to get where I am now (over 35 beer league!) but I keep it simple in my head. Just stop the next shot. It doesn’t need to be a perfect save, it just needs to be a save. I heard a quote that I always remember, I think it was Chris Osgood. “You will always play you’re best when you are having fun!”
  8. Matt35

    Vaughn PVE

    On a side note, I just did a small mod to the strapping of my glove. I found the strap came down to low right on the back of my wrist and was limiting my wrist mobility. I had the straps moved up and a section of material chopped out. I won’t get to try it out until next week, but so far it feels like it should be a good improvement.
  9. Matt35

    Vaughn PVE

    Here is a link to The Hockey Shop’s description of the PVE2 glove. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/collections/goalie-catch-gloves-senior/products/vaughn-velocity-pro-v-elite-2-pro-carbon-sr-catcher I have the original PVE glove if you have any questions about that one.
  10. So upon further review, there is no grip. I gave it a quick side by side with a Warrior V1pro. M90 was $269 and V1pro is $249. The Sherwood was considerably heavier than the warrior. Seems like a decent stick but at that price point I think it’s a tough sell. The M80 is $149 and even heavier and feels cheaper. The M70 was $109, I didn’t pick that one up. Not sure how their durability is, but I think they’re a bit overpriced.
  11. Yea it’s pretty good for a sportchek. I think one of the managers is a goalie. They’re pretty stocked in Vaughn, warrior, CCM eflex4, and Bauer 2x stuff.
  12. I don’t think so. I’ll have to go back for a better look. I had my kids with me so I was also refereeing a boxing match with blockers! I might be passing by there later this week. I’ll let you know if I check it out.
  13. I came across the new Sherwood Rekker composite at a Sportchek the other day. Comes in 3 levels, M90, M80, and M70. All comparable price points to other brands. The M90 seemed pretty light compared to anything else. Looks like a good stick. Might pick one up next time I need a new twig.
  14. Matt35

    Seattle NHL colors

    Oh boy. The latest concept has just surfaced....... the Seattle Sea Cows! Very intimidating logo. I really see the marketing possibilities with this one!😂😂
  15. I actually heard this story on Spittin Chiclets podcast. I’ll do the best I can to remember. The team went out to a private club when they were in Philly and the Eagles game was on. Apparently in this bar the tradition is when the Eagles win they play “Gloria”. The team was having a good time and the Eagles ended up winning so someone in the bar stood up and yelled “Play Gloria!”. Song came on and everyone started singing. That’s when the Blues started winning and turned their season around so they started using the song too.
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