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  1. I have have those on ice yet.. Tuesday I gonna skate with these.. On hands they feels so slim and light.
  2. Did bladeholder fit easily To Graf boot? Or have there any stuffing between those?
  3. I have on my skates Superfeet black and my feet like them very much. I have quite flat and wide feet. But if you have high acr Superfeet Green is right choice for you from Superfeet collection, I assume..
  4. Toes are still in good shape? I am worried about that toecap.. But I purchased bladeholders too
  5. I am very interested to hear how them work.. Thinking to do same.. If it is success
  6. These I bought about 3-4 years ago, earlier I had CCM's goalie skates. I tryed g7500 before I bought these and for my foot they were spot on. Graf player skates I have had longer time. These 9035 are made in Canada and g7500 Swiss made
  7. This is interesting topic.. I had have grafs for several years now and I like boot very much, but still thinking about cowlingless skates. Are toecap strong enough without cowling? Mine are size 10 if I remember right..
  8. Have you sew those jenpro slices with normal sewingmachine or do you have somekind cobbler sewing machine?
  9. I made my own needle with lathe, cause here in Finland is diffucult to find dealer.. In uk you can buy it like here: https://www.greenmanbushcraft.co.uk/paracord-needles.htm
  10. Now days there must be careful to not insult anyone and have no any signs of race or gender.. And have compassion to sexual minorities.. So right name should be: #Seattle Neutral Gays
  11. I use cheater here in Finland, beerleague level.. It has better vision when looking near front to ice and strait forward, than cateye.. My feelings of them.
  12. I use my Fiat Panda -06 very roomy
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