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  1. I have used several years Camelbak Podium bottle.. Very good product. It has very good valve, so it won't leak. https://www.shelbyoutdoor.com/product_info.php?products_id=5406&language=en
  2. Yes, very lighweight and well balanced
  3. He has Kova-toe ties. Pads have extra stiff breaks inside. They cut wrap, cause he felt it stuck on the post. two trappers, game ready and practise.. He didn't what angle those are.. blocker normal with L-palm, he likes it loose.
  4. That Kaskisuo's twopiece Coveted is grazy cool.. Maybe I that is gonna my nex mask, with cheater gage
  5. I have have those on ice yet.. Tuesday I gonna skate with these.. On hands they feels so slim and light.
  6. Did bladeholder fit easily To Graf boot? Or have there any stuffing between those?
  7. I have on my skates Superfeet black and my feet like them very much. I have quite flat and wide feet. But if you have high acr Superfeet Green is right choice for you from Superfeet collection, I assume..
  8. Toes are still in good shape? I am worried about that toecap.. But I purchased bladeholders too
  9. I am very interested to hear how them work.. Thinking to do same.. If it is success
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