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  1. Itech 950 Mask

    Cages are completely different as well. 950/951 cages are larger, as is the opening. 950/951 mount with clips on top and two sets of clips on the side. 960/961 mount at the top, bottom, and one set on the sides. The 950/951 shell also has a small ridge running along the back edge. All of this refers to the older 950 shell. There is one being sold now that is closer in design to the 960.
  2. Protechsport Mask Thread

    It is likely molded directly off of a retail 961 or one of the many clones. In that case the outer dimensions would be identical but the inner dimensions would depend on the lay-up. Also how its foamed. Michel would know the answer to this and would probably be more than happy to help you.
  3. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Nice mask. PM me if you decide to keep it and want to refoam. I don't have a ton of time for mask stuff since we had our second kid... but I could handle a refoaming no problem. Not sure where in Canada you are. I'm in Ottawa.
  4. Mask repadding/refurbishment ???

    Where are you located Snowman? And what exactly are you looking for?
  5. Protechsport Mask Thread

    I'm 99% sure none of the holes (venting or hardware) will line up. I have done foam on both types of masks (Bauer and my own 961 clones... not ProtechSport), and a lot of the holes are close, but not the same. That said, Michel could always map the holes to match your foam. Not sure he'd be up for doing that though. And honestly, the EVA foam he uses is really, really comfortable. So it might be a better bet to get him to pad it as he usually does and in the end if you don't love it try some alternate options.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Looking for someone in the Oshawa area to pick up a helmet for me and ship it to Ottawa. Willing to pay you for your gas and time.
  7. Wilcox Goal Design Thread

    I picked up a set of these dirt cheap from TGC maybe 6-7 years ago to go with the Summit 7 pads I found on sale. The Summit gloves are a great design but the 3 series is really cheaply made. Not even close to the 7s in build quality and materials. The colours are actually printed over white jenpro with stitching around the borders to make it look like separate pieces. The protection was really bad too. I badly bruised my glove hand on several occasions in beer league play. This catcher sold me on Dave's glove designs though. I really hope he keeps up the WGD until I can justify buy an new set. Most natural feeling glove I've worn. These might be good for ball hockey or something. But nothing where a puck is involved.
  8. Itech 950 Mask

    That is a 950 with a 951 cage.
  9. The Mask Thread

    Centering the cage can be done by filling the gaps between the "U" and the cage clips with vinyl tubing. Like this.... Should be able to find this at your local hardware/auto parts supplier. I believe the diameter of the bars on your cage are 3/16". Find something that diameter or similar. cut two pieces to fill the voids, cut slits in them and wrap them around the cage to act as spacers. (This need some TGN-style green highlighting circles... but its late and I'm lazy) I did these ones outside of the clips... but you get the idea. This is commonly used these days but painters to protect the paint.... but works really well to keep the cage centered as well.
  10. The Mask Thread

    Original eagle mask was defiantly Harrison. The one after was as well (with the talons) This one looks like a Warwick though. Maybe 96?
  11. The Mask Thread

    Those are all Warwicks minus Potvin. Sad news for sure.
  12. Defunct Gear Brands

    Just saw these at PIAS ICE GEAR
  13. Defunct Gear Brands

    I believe the rigid backplate and hinged chin was done as a workaround for CSA (or maybe HECC) rules that required airways to be accessible if a player was on their back. Pretty sure everything that came after this had a non-fixed backplate. Thank god
  14. Defunct Gear Brands

    Theres a set of XGS pads at the PIAS near my work. All black. I've been wondering for months who made them.
  15. Protechsport Mask Thread

    He was good with me coming by on a Sunday on my way home from a Montreal trip. But that was just to pick up a cage. Just send him an email.