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  1. The Mask Thread

    Original eagle mask was defiantly Harrison. The one after was as well (with the talons) This one looks like a Warwick though. Maybe 96?
  2. The Mask Thread

    Those are all Warwicks minus Potvin. Sad news for sure.
  3. Defunct Gear Brands

    Just saw these at PIAS ICE GEAR
  4. Defunct Gear Brands

    I believe the rigid backplate and hinged chin was done as a workaround for CSA (or maybe HECC) rules that required airways to be accessible if a player was on their back. Pretty sure everything that came after this had a non-fixed backplate. Thank god
  5. Defunct Gear Brands

    Theres a set of XGS pads at the PIAS near my work. All black. I've been wondering for months who made them.
  6. Protechsport Mask Thread

    He was good with me coming by on a Sunday on my way home from a Montreal trip. But that was just to pick up a cage. Just send him an email.
  7. The Mask Thread

    Ha. I wish. I have all black gear. Sherwood T95s and Vaughan Ventus gloves. BTW the site is great on mobile too.
  8. The Mask Thread

    I guess its time to make the jump over to here as well. I posted this already on GSBB but I might as well migrate over here. I am not a Facebook user so it is nice to see this forum gaining steam. Mask is a 961 clone. Paint was started earlier in the season when my team got new jerseys... but got put on hold when a tree fell on our house in the new year... then my wife had a baby the next week Things are settling down so I wrapped it up in time for playoffs. I'm guessing this thread is handling "Show off you mask" as well as general mask discussion duties? SBR?