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  1. Here are a couple of things you can do.. 1. Loosen the nylon strap at the knee. This comes in a little bit of a snug setting. Most goalies wear it loose. It's meant to keep your knee on the stack during scramble plays, not so much for cranking it down super tight. The neoprene strap does most of the work. 2. Loosen the heel strap setting. Remove the Slikclip at the heel and lessen the fold over to make the heel strap longer. 3. Loosen the leg channel strap setting. Easy to do when you look at where the calf wrap is attached.
  2. JR got some changes. Majority of the changes are on the INT, SR & PRO models.
  3. If you can wait until April you will be very pleased with the new GT2 C/A line. We increased protection in PRO, SR & INT units. Here's a picture of the Pro for reference. From a protection standpoint, the GT2 SR & INT blow the G4 SR & INT out of the water. The GT2 Pro blows the original GT Pro out of the water as well. Difficult to compare the GT2 Pro to G4 Pro though because the mechanical arm construction is insanely protective (in my opinion the most protective on the market). GT2 Pro and G4 Pro are neck and neck.
  4. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    Leg Pad sizing can be confusing at times. Also, as some other goalies have mentioned you can manipulate the sizing with incremental changes like how you position a heel strap. Here is a blog we did on sizing a while back that clearly notes how we tackle sizing. The biggest take home message I have is that our sizing runs by 0.5" in the knee (see blog for visual). If you are currently wearing 36" leg pads and want the knee stack to be 0.5" taller - You'd simply go to our 37" knee size. -- This is not the case with every brand. Some brands move their knee sizes by full 1.0" increments. In our opinion, this results in missed opportunities for proper fit. Going by 0.5" increments at the knee/shin gives goalies more options to dial in their fit. https://warriorhockey.com/2017/06/12/ritual-g3-and-ritual-gt-sizing-guide/
  5. Kirk3190

    V1 Pro Stick

    @TGC-Rance is the man! He can officially accept your order on 3/19! Less than two weeks away...... ⏳
  6. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    There's more than just white & black weave coming too.. 👀
  7. Kirk3190

    V1 Pro Stick

    Simply put, from a weight, balance & performance perspective the R/V1 PRO is on par with the current CR1. The new R/V1 PRO+ is a significantly lighter version of a CR1.
  8. Kirk3190

    V1 Pro Stick

    Yes, we will be offering Custom 3-Packs in R/V1 PRO+ and in R/V1 PRO models.
  9. Kirk3190

    V1 Pro Stick

    @SaveByRichter35 @cwarnar Pro Stock sticks vary in weight based on what is requested by the goaltender. In some cases it will even get to adding 3-5grams in a specific section of a stick. Fully painted sticks (like the one in the photo) also adds weight when compared to our stock models that have exposed Carbon. The stock sticks that are coming out soon are significantly lighter than current CR1 and the Pro Stock stick above. I'm talking like 40-50g lighter.
  10. Kirk3190

    V1 Pro Stick

    Our Bishop (Twist) & Quick (MID) patterns have square toes. The Mrazek (WEDGE) has a rounded toe. This is the case on the current CR line and will continue for the V1 line as well.
  11. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    I understand what you mean. Always great when you can try something on first! Being that you like the G3 60-Degree I can somewhat generalize that you prefer pinching your thumb to your index finger for closure. This type of feeling will be enhanced with the new forward thumb positioning on GT2. Lastly, the GT2 does not have a removable liner but you can custom order it with 60-Degree internal on Custom. Hope this information helps!
  12. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    Great questions. 1. We work extensively with over 30 European Pro Goalies each season. Unlike a lot of cases in the NHL, EU goalies typically get one set of gear to last them an entire season. Bigger clubs will sometimes get their goalies a second set or at least a practice trapper. This gives us very in-depth durability and performance feedback directly from the Pros. Over the past year and current season we've had a handful of goalies in the ECHL, SPHL, USHL & FHL wearing our equipment as well. I work with these goalies throughout the year and they also testify to the positive results we've seen each year with our gear. 2. Senior level gear typically gets tested internally within our company. As you mentioned, our SR level gear externally & spec-wise often mirrors our Pro models with the main differentiation being internal materials/make-up. So, if a Pro level leg pad passes our testing protocols at the professional levels there is no reason the SR level would not stack up the exact same (externally).
  13. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    @cwarnar @coopaloop1234 The new GT2 trapper has the same break degree as the G4 but it is not the same glove (minus removable liner) by any means. Easy for me to say as I've been wearing one for over a year now while I know it's not hit stores yet for goalies to try for themselves. I don't want to regurgitate the above Tech Diagrams but I cannot overstate it enough how much of a game changer the new thumb shape is. This too, is something difficult to describe over a keyboard but I'll do my best to paint the picture for everyone. Hold your hand out in front of you on it's side so your thumb is at the top & in line with your index finger. This is close to how your hand is positioned inside a G4 trapper. Now "let go" of your thumb and it will naturally shift to the right a little bit. This is more comfortable because your thumb is not being held in a tense position. This is a depiction of how the new GT2 trapper feels on your hand compared to a G4. In addition, your thumb is now in a better position to snap the glove shut. Lastly, the new pocket on the GT2 trapper is massive. It's not just because of the Double Tee either. We made the actual pocket itself bigger. It's the biggest pocket we've ever released on ANY Ritual glove to date. I wear a Warrior hat every day, but in my personal opinion this is the best trapper we've ever made. I'm excited for goalies to finally get to try it and fall in love with it like I have. -Kirk
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