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  1. The Mask Thread

    Ok thanks
  2. The Mask Thread

    Do they stock white replacement cages? I have an x8. Id prefer a white or. Black cat eye. Vs the chrome cat eye it came with.
  3. Seattle Expansion

    Hmmm interesting
  4. Glove refurbished

    It’s not too bad for a glove I’ve had since 96. I’d like to change some of the black parts to white. And maybe change the palm to Nash. I still use it often. Just needs a little TLC.
  5. Glove refurbished

  6. Glove refurbished

  7. Glove refurbished

  8. Glove refurbished

    What’s a goalie glove refurb cost about?
  9. Brian's Gear

    That’s what I’m thinking
  10. Brian's Gear

    Yeah looks to be SR level given the price. Intriguing to me. Might just have to make a purchase.
  11. Brian's Gear

    Do any of you have or tried on the Brian’s Alite SR trapper ? I thinking about picking one up. Looking for some input.
  12. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Is it me or is that a lot slack in a toe tie?
  13. Goalies Celebrating Team Goals

    More of a reset for me regardless of which net the puck is being pulled out of. This. ^^^^^^^^^^ 100%
  14. G4 Thread

    These are impressive.
  15. TGN Spec

    Were you going for flames or claws?? Either way a good looking set.