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  1. Mike24

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

  2. Mike24

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    In times like this. I’d think of the mans loved ones not the act that lead to his demise. Be it foolish or accidental it doesn’t matter. I’m thinking does he have a wife, kids ? And how they must be feeling. .....
  3. Mike24

    R.I.P. Ray Emery

    Sad news today.
  4. Mike24

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    @Robert Brunet great looking set. Still pissed at myself for passing up custom ordering 588’s when they were available @Lucky Pucker I wrote the book on multiple favs!!! Great pic BTW.
  5. Mike24

    Favorite Set Up of All Time

    More 560s never a bad thing!!!!!
  6. Mike24

    Inspirations on gear

    That’s mine.
  7. Mike24

    glove angles

    I’m a 580 guy. The 60*s just feel weird and I can’t catch the damn puck. I feel my glove hand is one of my stronger points. And I was a catcher in baseball. That at said I bought a 590 koho revolution 587 “vintage” glove.
  8. Mike24

    Beginner 48yrs old protection is important

    I second Motown’s response. And have fun out there!
  9. Mike24

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    @Vogilny#25 awesome looking set!!!
  10. Mike24

    2018 NHL Draft Chat Thread

    Word around philly is Flyers will be moving Simmonds. Don’t know if it will happen during the draft.
  11. Mike24

    Dyed cowlings!

  12. Mike24

    Injuries of the trade

    Serverly bruised collarbone in practice not totally sure it wasn’t cracked.(was right before my senior year so I played through)had tonsillitis later that year 104 fever, yeah I still played had a decent game 2-2 tie Felt like death before the game but once it started I was dailed in. With a win we would of made the playoffs. So I had to play. half a dozen concussions pulled groin hyperextended elbow bone bruise on left foot shot to knee which caused fluid on my knee. I played through just about all of it I left one game early with the elbow.
  13. Mike24

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Perhaps, but maybe it’s just cuz your looking for it.
  14. Mike24

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Pure gold
  15. Mike24

    Why do people make fun of my skates?

    Nope I’ve had mine since 93ish