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Anyone Interested in Brians Senior Pro Goalie Knee Pads?


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Hi all, I have some out-of-the-box Brians Senior Pro Goalie Knee Pads for sale.

I'd been eyeing these for a while, but most online stores were out of stock. I finally found a pair for a discounted price, and ordered 'em. I love the design and protection, but unfortunately they're just too big to work with my Tackla pants. I'd love to sell them to anyone who's interested, rather than pay to ship 'em back to Canada.

I paid $69.99 for them, plus shipping. I'd like to sell them for the same price, though I suppose I'd be willing to hear out anyone's best offer.

If I don't get any bites in the next day or two, I'll have to bite the bullet and return them. So let me know if you're interested!





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