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Cooper GM1000 mitt (black) **SOLD**


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Hi folks,

Selling a very lightly used Cooper GM1000 in black. This mitt is in excellent shape and has been known to be a hot item.

Looking for best offer! Thanks!

$500 CAD (not really)


Buyer pays shipping/Paypal fees - if not using e-transfer





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4 minutes ago, MTH said:

Too purdy to use... But I'd love to use that baby! Just like the man - Ken Wreggett


You have any of these Cooper sticks around? 

Sadly, no. Oldest twig is a Guy Hebert Bauer 4500!

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1 hour ago, bunnyman666 said:

I know some people loved the ol’ Cooper trap, but it had just as many detractors, as well.

I’d still buy it as a display model if I had extra $$$ for gear I would not use!


I may know someone who's selling!

Wait a sec...


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1 hour ago, MTH said:

Someone is a lucky goalie. Nice work keeping that beauty around. Good luck to the new user. 

Write a gear review of it!

Thanks, man - yeah, I'm hoping they get on the ice with it and really just love the shit out of this glove. It would look pretty great up on a shelf, but so many style points for flashing it in a game....

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