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F/S: Vaughn Legacy T6000 Catch - Kevin Weekes Model


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Selling my used Kevin Weekes Vaughn Legacy catch glove. Glove came from the Devils after Kevin played there. I've used it since. Fine glove, thick palm, NHL legal (just in case you get the call). Has Kay Whitmore's initials on it too.

Glove is a T6000. Kevin was still using this model after it ceased production. You can find pictures of him using this glove online. Not sure if this is game worn or not. Like I said, I used it since I acquired it a few years ago.

Nash palm, waxed skate lace T, pro custom model for sure. Feel like an NHLer without having to deal with all the travel.

I will warn you, I've been asked if I was Kevin Weekes while wearing this glove. So, be prepared.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have a vintage blocker for sale too that I wore with this mitt. 

Asking $125 for it. I paid $200 for it a while back. I don't really use it much.







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On 8/27/2018 at 7:56 AM, MTH said:

I don't think this made it into any games. My guess is that it was a backup or one he was breaking in still.

Here's the man kneeling and admiring his T6000 mitt. You may too..


Over-roated pad.  Water bottle out of the holder.  Man, what a mess he was ;)

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