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Stomp Goalie Equipment


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46 minutes ago, Jukka Ropponen said:

Stomp has been out of business for a few years now. I actually talked with Darren Stomp a few weeks ago just to catch up on things. Darren runs rental cottages these days at Kingsville, Ontario as his business.

Wow, much different than I was expecting to hear. Thanks for the info! 

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29 minutes ago, Big2 said:

Has to be one of the weirdest goalie equipment ideas?

It is certainly outside of the box.

Belfour's stripey pads probably fooled the eyes well. Fuhr had the five hole area of his Brown pads (with St. Louis) the same colour as the crease. 

I would do polka dots if someone would not charge an arm and a leg for them!

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