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TRUE 2-piece review


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I got my true skates about a year ago and they are amazing. I was in Bauer s190 skates previously and they just killed my feet. I couldn't skate for more than 2 hours. now in my Trues, I could skate forever. The process took a little long because the scanner wasn't working well but we spent about an hour there getting my feet scanned and choosing my colors. The price point was also something that would hurt me. At the time I was 16 years old. This was the first pair of skates that I have bought (I usually buy my own sticks and my parents pay for the protective gear as they don't want me to spend less money and have a higher chance of getting hurt). In total, they were $999 with an extra pair of steel so if one of them got nicked then I could switch them out.

The performance of these things is great. I use clear tape around my ankles so that they feel tighter around my ankles (I'm not a bender don't worry). I love the custom feel and fit of them. They fit like a sock and just wrap around your feet. The forward pitch doesn't seem to bother me too much, in fact, I don't notice it at all. 

The durability is where I run into some issues. Some of the stiching along the back of the skate where the bootstrap holder is is starting to fall apart. I do not use this as I got rid of the bootstrap a while ago but it seems to be falling apart. Im not too worried as I don't use them but still would like to see them be more durable. Another thing is the glue inside holding the foam looks like it is starting to come apart as well. This I am a bit more worried about as my foot goes and rubs against it every time I put my foot into the skate.

After all of this I still love the skate and would highly recommend them to anyone who has odd shaped feet or have foot sores after using other skates. Even for the price point I think that it is a good investment and would purchase again.

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