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Replace Nylon Lace with Skate Lace


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5 minutes ago, LukeHentschel57 said:

I want to replace the nylon lace in my glove, but haven’t yet in fear of messing up and not having a glove to use. How easy is it to do? 

While not something I'd want to do myself as I'm pretty verse from doing anything than super simple modifications to my gear. (plus I prefer nylon anyways)

There are tons of Youtube tutorials out there. I'd take a look and see if it's something you'd be willing to take on.


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Not hard. There are plenty of youtube videos showing how to do it. It will take time and practice to get it neat and tidy, so I suggest giving yourself several days to do it and re-do it till you get it right. I've seen some home made monstrosities and you don't want to be playing with a garbage pocket.

If you're unsure, I would send it to Dennis at Factory MAD to do his whole glove upgrade process. It will close like a dream afterwards.

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