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Passau C/A Sizing


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Last season, I used a Passau C/A, I'm not sure of the model considering bought it used from a friend. I found the mobility to be sub-par and it was very, very bulky. I was able to make it out to a Goalie Monkey the other day and tried on a CCM EF Shield 2.9. I started off with trying on a small thinking that it would fit better considering my old C/A was a medium. The small size was way too small so I moved up to a medium and it seemed to fit a lot better and wasn't as bulky as my old one. The only problem is I don't have enough money for a new chest protector. Does anyone know any mods that can make the chesty more mobile and less bulky especially around the shoulders? Or should I buy a cheap one from somewhere else? I've got some pictures showing the C/A and me playing to show what it looks like on me. I'm a pretty small guy and feel the extra size of the pads affects how I'm able to move. 



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