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Bauer 2S Pads - Medium - White-Navy - NEW


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Hi all,

I have a pair of 2S Pads coming in Stock white-navy, unfortunately the color scheme is wrong for me.

Of course this doesn't mean, that I can't play them, but if I can find someone, that would take them of my hands for a acceptable reduction on the new prices, I would think about a correctly coloured pair.

Any thing possible and up for discussion.

Pads should come in in the next 2-3 weeks.



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3 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Should mention what size these pads are as well where you are located. Those are some pretty important details to leave out.

Why not Padskins? It would be a lot easier and cost effective of a solution.

This as well as a picture of the actual pads, not a generic online listing picture.

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