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Hey guys,

I have seen the posts about how to protect the knee wing or the boot binding but what about the wear on the knee in the pic below?  I'll use some pad skinz and autogoop on the binding and knee wing but not sure how to slow the wear here.

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1 minute ago, dreadlocked1 said:

I would just put a thin layer of shoe goop there.

That's a good idea. 

I've been looking for a solution for this type of wear for the inner/bottom binding. Until now i've been using a small bit tape. 

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Thanks.  I'm sure I read that on the GSBB (RIP originally goalie bible o' wisdom (thank you TGN for creating GSBB 2 😄)) at some point, not my idea.  I just gave my pads an overhaul with Lectric Shave cleaning as well as Shoe Goop touched up 2 small skate cuts and 6 tiny wearspots, just like the pic, on my G2's and they are ready to continue to rock and roll. 

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